Announcing the very first 3D giveaway winner…

A Like New copy of the Tenth Anniversary of Reservoir Dogs was up for grabs. All you had to do was comment with responses to three questions and I would choose a winner. Well I have chosen that winner.

The questions were

  1. My favorite band is Metallica. What is my favorite song by them?
  2. What is my hands-down favorite television show of all time?
  3. There is a food that I absolutely despise. What is it?

Here’s what the prize looks like

We had 4 entries into the contest.

…and the winner is (with only one question right, mind you)…


Here are his responses along with my commentary in bold.

  1. Sad But True because you sound like a James Hetfield fcuk when you sing it at karaoke. [Wrong – My favorite Metallica Song is “Fade to Black”.]
  2. Lost – you didn’t shut up about it on Facebook. [Wrong – The television show that I hold in high regard as the greatest of all time is “The Sopranos”.]
  3. Cauliflower. I remember you going “BLEH” once when I mentioned it. [Right – In fact, cauliflower is really disgusting shit that should not be allowed to be consumed, sold, or cultivated.]

…and there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, proof that anybody can win! Darth Dick, I will send that out to you via USPS Media Mail within the next week.


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