A special birthday dedication to Brian G.

I don’t remember the exact circumstances, but a few years ago, my buddy Rory and I were taken aback by the amount of partying our friend, Brian G, had gotten into. To my memory, one day, either Rory or I took the liberty to google image search “Brian G.” and “heineken.” We didn’t know what we were going to find, andwe didn’t care. One of the images we came up with was this one:

Those of you who have met Brian know that this is indeed not the real Brian G. There was a striking similarity to Brian G., and, on top of it all, the guy in this picture dressed exactly the same as the real Brian G.

One year, for Brian G’s birthday, Rory sought out to find those gigantic Heineken bottles. I actually found them at my local price chopper, so Rory and I chipped in to buy two (one for Brian G. and one for his lady friend). I think the only purpose was so that we could take pictures of Brian G. trying to be like the guy in the above picture.

Happy (early) Birthday, Brian G. I hope this one is a good one. CHEERS!!! MMMMMMMMMMM

(Brian G’s birthday isn’t until actually Halloween, but whatever)


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