A non-religious theory about Jesus Christ

This may be because I am an insecure person, but there was always something that bothered me about the fact that whole religions have been established on the beliefs of one person.

I imagine things back near 0 AD, when JC was in his heyday, he had his followers/disciples, and it was cool to go around in an entourage and publicly practice your beliefs. In a very crude way, it’s similar to blogging. Some of us get behind a keyboard and spew our beliefs and thoughts out there. We gain a following, and it gives some gratification…

…to a certain degree…

Based on the beliefs and morals that Jesus preached while he was alive, a whole branch of religion was formulated; and from that branch, other religions were started. And through the years, some pretty messed up stuff happened. Wars throughout the dark ages, inquisitions, and I’m sure there is much, much more but my limited education in history fails me here. People got killed, tortured, and who knows what else. I know I am oversimplifying it, but at the center of it, the name Christ in the form “Christianity” gets thrown around a lot. [not to say other religions were not guilty; Christianity is the only one actually named after somebody]

My point is that I know I have a certain belief set, but if someone went off and used my beliefs to formulate an even bigger belief set, and that belief set didn’t align fully with my original beliefs, I would be pretty pissed. And the fact that there are so many branches of Christianity goes to show that there’s no possible way any current day religions are fully aligned with the beliefs of Jesus Christ.

So what I’m saying, is that if there is an afterlife, and if you can monitor your former planet and people during the afterlife, Jesus is probably extremely pissed at all of us right now.


10 thoughts on “A non-religious theory about Jesus Christ

  • Keith

    At least when L. Ron Hubbard did it, he used some cool SciFi stuff.

  • Cute~Ella

    This could start a whole really interesting conversation sometime, but I have to believe that you are correct. Jesus would be pissed…not at all of us, but at many.

  • GenWar

    Wow. Just Wow.

    Dude, you’re missing so much, I don’t even know where to begin.

    I guess, in the interest of simplification, I’ll just say…next time you read the Bible, let’s not skip the big part in the front just cause it’s ‘Old.’ I mean, the New Testament is where the cool stuff happens, sure…but it’s like you read Breaking Dawn without reading Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse…you’re lacking a lot of context.

    • derryX

      I offered the disclaimer that I was oversimplifying, and I admitted that I’m missing a bunch of history.

      I still think Jesus would be pissed.

  • Sue

    Pretty pissed indeed.

    Merry Christmas!! Happy Festivus! *ducks behind wall*

  • Jen

    I have to agree with derryX– specifically that Jesus would be upset if he heard some of the ways that his teachings have been applied. And, to make matters even more complicated… he didn’t even write the New Testament… so it’s like playing a crazy game of “telephone”. Who knows what really happened? Can we rely on a group of men who all had a common goal of– well who knows what their true intentions were. Christianity (at least some people’s current interpretation of it) relies just too much on a book and not enough reliance on love and respect.

  • Darth

    Well – Jesus was considered a Jewish Rabbi by his followers. It’s been argued if he was officially one, but the disciples recognized him as one. So the foundation of his preaching was infact Judaism. I believe the Christian faiths all believe in the Old Testament.

    My case and point – Christians don’t keep Kosher or get circumsized. Both are very important doctrines to the Hebrew faith. God said don’t eat bacon and cut off a piece of your weiner as a covenant to me.

    I can only guess Jesus didn’t eat bacon, and he was definitely circumsized. Many claim the last supper is passover dinner. But instead, Christians made Easter.

    So I agree with you – Jesus must be pretty pissed that a lot of the stuff he believed in got set aside out of what I assume is convienence. Afterall, nobody wants a piece of their weiner cut off, and bacon is delicious.

  • Kicknknit

    Lets not even get into the whole creating Christian Holidays that incorporate Pagan beliefs to get the “heathens” to go along with the Church’s Teachings so they can be exploited for political gain.

    But I digress


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