2011 Initiatives

Along with looking ahead, I figure i can outline some of my personal initiatives for the year. I refrain from using the term “resolution” because, to me, it implies something started but not quite finished.

  • Be more active. I plan to work out more. I really want to hit the gym three times per week and once on the weekend. I’m not really training toward any specific goals or competitions. I more-or-less want to adapt a lifestyle that I can handle with my work schedule.
  • Be more conscious of my diet. The latter half of 2010 was difficult for me because I saw a great deal of success for this blog due to my restaurant reviews. I felt like I needed to order big to gain a thorough understanding of the food at many places. I will continue to blog the restaurant reviews, and even blog some personal recipes for great tasting meals that are good for you, and I think I have a few ways to make these even more interesting than my older reviews.
  • Take work less personally. Just like any other job, I dedicate a lot of time to work, and I take a great deal of pride in what I do. For my own stress level, I need to cut back on the pride and let the universe even itself out.
  • Catch up on video gaming. I basically didn’t turn my Wii on from 2008-2010, but I did a lot of Xbox 360 gaming. I’m going to try to dedicate a little more time to gaming and push through some of the backlog that I have. It’s a lot because I have games on three platforms (Xbox360, Wii, Nintendo DS) that I have yet to even play, but I should be able to get through some this year.
  • Save some money/buy a house. In 2010, I changed the way I am planning for my financial future, and used that as a crutch to dip slightly into my savings. I also have my eyes set on looking into buying a house. If that happens, there’s no way I’ll have saved any money this year, but I mean I’m going to be more analytical about purchases that I make, and be more conscious of finding ways to minimize costs.
  • Read more prose. I read many comic books per month, but I have found some works of literature that I really would like to sit down and read.
  • Keep the positive momentum of the blog going. Like I said in the earlier post today, the demand for what I have to say has skyrocketed in the last six months. And to think that before that i refused to even get back into blogging. Unfortunately for you, that means I’m going to buckle down. If I support your blog or your events, I really hope you plan on reciprocating. If I link to you, please link back or acknowledge that I am directing traffic, which I solicit all by myself (I don’t blog for a newspaper or other regionally recognized platforms), your way. Basically, be as gracious and respectful as I am to you, and things will be great for us all. Please pass this message along to anybody who might not be reading.

So if you stuck around to read all that, you’ll see that with the exception of a couple of those items, a time commitment is required on my behalf. Where do I plan on finding this time? The last three years have been heavy on visual media (movies/tv). Since there’s nothing on tv that interests me any more (with the exception of a few things), I think I can find the time. Otherwise, I’ll need to start prioritizing a little better.


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