What really happened when John Cena met Chyna…

This is a story of Internet legend. Nobody has ever questioned the validity of the following facts. 

Also, this was available to  people who were received a “1 year of derryX funpack” back in June of 2011.

In the year 2001, John Cena was deep in his training with Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), the WWE developmental federation at the time. One night, backstage at a WWE house show, John Cena had a chance encounter with Chyna, Ninth Wonder of the World.

Chyna was preparing for her match-up against Ivory, who many of you will remember as the Cat Cora of professional wrestling. The feud between Chyna and Ivory was fairly cold, and, while they worked hard, professional wrestling was heading toward a low.

John Cena was there to try to save the day, just like he always is. Cena used his minor league connection of being a member of OVW to get backstage and meet some of the real talent. He really wanted to meet Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, but Austin was busy leading a WCW/ECW invasion of the WWE, and The Rock was busy representing WWE in the very same invasion.

John Cena had far too many Powerades that day, and sought relief in the men’s rest room. As he was obtaining said relief, a tall figure bellied up to the urinal next to him and gave him a nod and a grunt. Cena nodded back. This prompted a conversation between the two.

Cena: Ohh my god! You’re Chyna!

Chyna: In the flesh!

Cena: I’m such a big fan. I study your matches. One day, I hope to be in the shape you’re in and do the moves you do.

Chyna: That’s nice to hear. Just remember, you only need two moves to be a star. Just like Hulk Hogan.

Cena: I will always remember that. I love Hulk Hogan.

Chyna: That’s good. What are you doing once you’re done?

Cena: I’m going to look for Steve Austin or The Rock.

Chyna: Why don’t you follow me?

Cena: Where?

Chyna: Into that stall right there…

Ten years later, John Cena is the WWE World Champion, only performs two moves, and still sucks. Chyna has dropped the name Chyna and makes appearances in various media, including recent appearances in TNA Wrestling, as Joanie Laurer, her real name, and in Vivid Entertainment’s “The Backdoor to Chyna”.

Neither has been the same since before that faithful encounter.


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