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Bountiful Bread

I recently stopped by Bountiful Bread in Stuyvesant Plaza for dinner after a little light shopping. I had been there in the past for some of their fairly decent fresh bread and sandwiches. This time, I was there specifically to try the Cobb salad they have on the menu.

Cobb Salad at Bountiful Bread

Their salad contains grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, eggs, olives, avocado, blue cheese, bacon, cucumbers, and red onions. There’s an extra O and C if you’re keeping track of the EAT COBB acronym.

Macarons and Brownies

The pastries in the case looked really good that night. Macarons seem to be the next cupcake.

The salad cost me $9 and the bottle of sparkling Saratoga water was an additional $2.75 (which seems a little ridiculous).

Cobb salad

View from the top

After about a 6 minute wait, my name was called, and my salad was ready. I meandered over to a table to start devouring it.

Breadstick and dressing




The portion size was definitely worth $9. The salad was served in a rather awkward configuration. Since the dressing was provided on the side, it was impossible to toss any of the greens with dressing without mixing everything together. Also, the house balsamic dressing was thick kind of like mayonnaise. I am a fan of emulsified dressings, but this was definitely too thick, making it easy to overload a bite with dressing.

Everything on the salad worked very well together, and this is definitely one of the more respectable Cobb salads I’ve come across. The amount and strength of the blue cheese was very assertive, but the most out-of-place addition to the salad was the Kalamata olives. Don’t get me wrong: these were awesome as far as Kalamata olives go, but they really overpower the salad. The cucumbers, on the other hand, really worked within the salad.

The bread stick was very addictive. I had set it aside and told myself I wasn’t going to eat it, but wound up finishing the whole thing after one infectious bite. The Asiago cheese dusting crisped over the crust of the airy and slightly oily bread, making it absolutely delicious.

Given the quality and value for the price, I’m going to give this salad a 4 out of 5 Bob Cobb Brown Derby scale.


3 thoughts on “The Bob Cobb Quest – Bountiful Bread

  • Woodrow

    Looks great! Olives are good, but not on a Cobb salad. I like that they could easily be removed (for later consumption). My only beef is that the salad is much better served on a platter or a wide bowl.

  • Brian White

    Disclosure: I work for White Management.
    Thanks for visiting Bountiful Bread for the Bob COBB Quest. Your comments about the serving bowl/dressing are spot-on. We introduced a new, non-glass bowl this week that is wider and bigger – better for mixing the salad contents without throwing said contents about the table. We appreciate the good review.

    • derryX

      Thanks for commenting, Brian. That’s great news! As you know, it’s important little details like this that sometimes make the difference between something very good and something you gotta have.


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