NINE snacks INSIDE ONE COOKIE !! Anabolic Baker – derryX Dines Again

You’re not gonna believe these MASSIVE cookies from The Anabolic Baker.

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That’s right, there are 9 snacks inside one cookie! I placed an order with THE ANABOLIC BAKER, and man, was it crazy. I ordered THE MACRO KILLER COOKIE-CHEAT DAY and THE OREO “O” FACE COOKIE CHEAT-DAY.

Here’s the descriptions from his website:
Macro Killer: the ultimate combination of chocolate chip cookie, Little Debbie fudge brownie (English walnut) and Entenmann’s chocolate covered doughnut all rolled into one!!!

Oreo “O” Face: a mind blowing combination of Original Oreos, Golden Oreos, Chocolate Oreos, Milka Oreo Candy Bar, Hershey Cookies & Creams Drops, Hershey Cookies & Cream Crunchers, Mini Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, White Chocolate Chips and stuffed in the middle with a Fudge Covered Oreo!!!

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derryX Dines Again!


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