Are you guys ready for it?

Because you knew I was going to remind you about it.

Re-live the all the magic!

Just one year ago today (1/11/11), the food review the world wasn’t ready for found its way onto the internet. And if you missed it…


The astonishing thing is that it’s not even me who never forgot. I got reminded about it when someone mentioned this review in a recent Tablehopping conversation! (I’m not gonna go and find it now; that’s creepy) I was ready to leave that place in the past for good!

You can get the Never Forget t-shirt over at Busted Tees.

Or, you could be a good sport about it and get a Dinosaur BBQ t-shirt at the restaurant, if you can find parking, that is.

(Wow! I'm in so much better shape, now!)

Yes – the ALLCAPS in the title and elsewhere is intentional…


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