Most poke toppings ever ? BESPOKI BOWL – derryX Dines Again

Could they even fit everything I ordered in 1 poke bowl?

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WHAT DIDN’T I GET? Was this the most poke toppings ever ? Here’s everything (I think) I got on that poke bowl:
-Chojang (sweet & spicy chili sauce)
-Spicy Mayo
-Edamame (soy beans)
-Nori Furikake
-Sesame seeds
-Sweet Corn
-Spicy Tuna
-Yuzu Ponzo
-Garlic Chips
-Hot Cheetos (Flamin Hot Cheetos)

For good measure, I also tried the kimchi as well as the spam musubi, which is basically spam grilled with teriyaki sauce wrapped with white rice with a nori sheet (seaweed). Noah got to try the Japanese Popcorn Chicken, and I wheezed the juice a little.

Bespoki Bowl is a restarant located on 4th Street in Troy NY (Upstate NY). Was this a good food review? Chetos are a must on your poke bowl!


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