Meyer lemon inspired farro salad

I found Meyer lemons at my local Hannaford recently, so I figured I’d try a recipe I saw for a farro salad with feta, green olives, and Meyer lemon.


Meyer lemon zest

Olives, parsley, and feta

Lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and parsley

While the farro was cooking, I did all of the above prep. Once the farro was ready, I drained it and laid it out on a sheet pan to expedite cooling.

The components ready to go

It took about ten minutes for the farro to come to room temperature. At that point, I mixed everything in a suitable vessel.

Assembled farro salad

There’s a little room for interpretation with the recipe. I wanted the olives and feta to add some texture, so I chopped and crumbled those¬†coarsely, but you can just as well make them sized about the same as the farro.

This is a pretty basic Mediterranean style dish. Meyer lemon is a fair bit sweeter than common lemon, but between the juice and zest, the citrus flavor really prevailed through the dish. The salty olives and feta cheese really helped to flavor everything, and the feta brought creaminess that was pretty awesome when eaten with the toothsome grains. [Next time I make this, I’m not using olives with pimento, though.]

This kept for a few days in the fridge. Each night, I put about half of a cup of it onto a plate and enjoyed a delicious snack that took almost no effort to make!

Farro salad


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