LEGENDARY Oneonta COLD CHEESE Pizza – DCs Pizza Albany – derryX Dines

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SEASON 2 PREMIERE! Plus I try a sub in the style of a PRIMANTI BROTHERS sandwich. 50 LIKES on this video, and we’ll go back for the DEEP FRIED NUTTER BUTTERS.

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What I ordered:
Cold cheese pizza Oneonta slice – hot cheese slice topped with cold cheese just before serving. Created to stop college kids from burning their mouths in the middle of the night.
Fry Daddy Sandwich – Chicken tenders, mozz sticks, French fries with sauce and cheese on a toasted roll. That’s FRENCH FRIES on a SANDWICH!

DCs pizza albany in upstate ny (1182 Western Ave right near university at albany) makes a legendary oneonta cold cheese pizza slice. This is a restarant food review.


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