It’s all over, Albany…

If you would have asked me back in June of 2010, while this blog was just ideas floating around in my head, what the goals for my blog were, one thing I would have told you was that I wanted to be asked by All Over Albany, who have previously been kind enough to link to a multitude of my posts (usually derryX Dines but they’ve showed me other love, as well) to write something to be featured on their popular local blog.

But you didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell you.

Well, it turns out that I was recently asked and one of my posts was featured on All Over Albany. A post for their “Forget the Resolution” series in which I wrote about my experience with a platter of Mixed Fajita Nachos from Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant in Albany, NY was featured on their site today!

Read all about it!

My first draft, which may someday find it’s way onto this blog — “The post that was too much derryX for AoA”) contained a few hidden jokes in there, in addition to some obvious but subtle humor. My loyal readers would appreciate it, not that the post that they got isn’t packed with fun and excitement.

Bonus points for the person who leaves a comment with the significance of the featured image (only available if you clicked this post from the main page).

I guess now that I’ve reached a major goal, I should start contemplating ending this blog.

Maybe I will…

or maybe I won’t…


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