Is This Pub and Brewery As Great As Everyone Says?


Let’s See! Druthers is a Brewery and Pub with Locations in Albany, Saratoga Springs, and Schenectady. 🎬 (Eating At The Most Controversial Burger Shop Near Me)


🎬 Chicken Sandwich Wars –



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This is Druthers. A brewery and pub with locations in Saratoga Springs, Albany, and Schenectady.
It’s been a long time since I had the food. A scan of social media shows their food looking amazing these days. We had to see for ourselves, so we drove to the Schenectady location on a night we didn’t want to cook. I needed to find out: Is Druthers as great as everyone says?
When I was researching the menu there were a lot of things that drew my attention. And it wasn’t the four chicken sandwiches but if you stick around to the end I have something fun to say about that.
The vibes at Druthers definitely give you that brewery feeling and, in fact, if you walk around the bar area you’ll actually see a little bit of the brewery there. Pretty cool.
Early on their menu was focused on pizzas and macaroni and cheeses with things all over the top of them but now they’ve expanded a little bit and aside from chicken sandwiches have even more food that lends itself to soaking up some suds.
Speaking of which I had only sampled one Druther in my entire life. That’s what you call one beer right? Like how one Starbucks coffee is a Starbuck? Well this time I decided I had to cover as much ground as I could and I went with a flight. The way this flight works is they give you six 5 oz beers so by the end of this I figured we’d have a pretty good night.
Sweater Weather – From apple picking to thanksgiving dessert. This ale combines everything we love from the fall. Brewed with Biscuit malt, cinnamon, and ginger, then conditioned on apple cider and pumpkin. 6.2% ABV. Kind of like a pumpkin ale, but lighter than most and less going on.
Lone Starr – Traditionally called Scharzbier. German black lager for any beer drinker who prefers the dark side. Smooth, rich, toasty, and chocolatey with a pleasantly clean finish. May the Schwartz be with you! 5.5% ABV. All of those things. They must be Star Trek fans.
All-in IPA – This is a hoppy, American-style India pale ale. Amarillo and Centennial hops are the dominant varieties, with Horizon providing a strong yet smoothly bitter finish. German Vienna and Munich malts are there to provide balance. 6.6% ABV. I wouldn’t say smooth finish, but not bad for an IPA. Also not outstanding for an IPA.
Right side Up – New England double IPA that flips the script on Grandma’s baking. Brewed with vanilla and lactose then conditioned on pineapple and cherry with a double dry hop of Galaxy. The perfect after dinner indulgence. 8.0% ABV. Well I had mine with dinner and it was great. Very outstanding and subtly fruity. The biggest beer of the bunch.
Prickly in Pink – As cooler days approach, the summer sun never sets with this Southwest-style Gose. Brewed with coriander, salt, lime zest, prickly pear, and pink guava, this sour ale will remind you of warmer days for the months to come. 5.8% ABV. By far the most interesting beer in the flight. Sour as all get out, but tasty. This is the one I’d order a pint of even though I really loved the Right Side Up As Well.
Hefeweizen – This special Bavarian–style wheat beer is made with beech wood-smoked malt. The unique yeast used to ferment this malty brew produces fruity and spicy aromas reminiscent of bananas and cloves. Save the lemon for a lesser beer! 5.6% ABV. Tastes like a standard Hef. NOT BAD.
Right in the middle of the menu they had listed what was called a gordita crunch that really caught my eye just because it seemed like the perfect thing to eat with a flight of beer.
This was described to have seasoned beef, salsa roja, beer cheese, jalapeno ranch, a crispy corn tortilla, shredded lettuce on a toasted pita.
If that doesn’t sound like a trip to Taco Bell after a long night of drinking, I don’t know what does.


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