I went to a “Dirty Wedding”…

Back about a month ago, our friends, Amy and Styles, got married way up in the serene north country in a place called Canton, NY. Their wedding was catered by the food truck, Slidin’ Dirty. They seem to have very interesting and financially attractive catering packages for weddings.

Slidin' Dirty Truck

For the longest time, I’ve followed them on twitter, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try their food. It’s ironic that all of us had to travel four and a half hours outside of our home turfs to have our paths cross. When I arrived at the event, I made sure to stop by the truck (where they had additional tables set up for prep) to finally meet the people running the truck (Tim and Brooke Taney).

Slidin' Dirty Truck front

Slidin' Dirty

The affair was outdoors, and it was very casual as far as weddings go. Slidin’ Dirty had the food going out in various waves.

The first wave was a station with antipasto platters and tortilla chips with various dips. There was plenty of different things to pick on while enjoying a few cocktails before the formalities happened. Then, they started passing some small bites.

Arancini with balsamic reduction
Arancini with balsamic reduction
Mini crab cakes with remoulade
Mini crab cakes with remoulade

There were a few other small bites being passed. If I remember correctly, one was cherry pepper pulled pork on tortillas. I’m blanking on what else was being passed. Since they had their hands full prepping for what was to come, I kept my eye on the antipasto station and let them know when that was running low.

Once the bridal party was introduced and food service was to start, they posted a board to the truck with the options for the main course.

Slidin' Dirty Menu Board

People lined up at the truck, and they were able to make short work of the long line (I believe there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 people). The main course was a choice of skewer with different sides. I opted for the Greek skewer, which had olive oil-marinated lamb with spinach and pasta salad with feta cheese and olives. It was very good. Between my other friends, I got to try the other skewer combinations and all were tasty.

I also tried to help out the bride and groom by bringing them some of the food for them to try. I hear stories that people didn’t get to try the food at their own weddings all the time, and I figured I’d do everything I could to make sure this didn’t happen for them.

The music started picking up, and the party shifted toward dancing. A few trays of cookies appeared.



I figured that everything was done at that point. To my amazement, the menu board was revised and re-posted, this time with a variety of sliders and finger foods.


The line started up again, but it wasn’t quite as long as the main course, probably because they were all having fun and dancing.

I was so happy that I got to try one of their sliders. I had the “Old Faithful” (Cheddar cheese, arugula, tomato, red onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard) and had both the fried mac and cheese and the jalapeno chicken bacon egg roll with chipotle cream. The slider was very good, but the fried mac and cheese was awesome, and the egg roll was the best thing I had tasted all night. [By this point, it was pretty dark, and my pictures weren’t coming out.] I made sure to also put in an order for the bride and groom so that they could try this great stuff.

(I’m bummed that I didn’t get to try the avocado fries that everyone raves about, but I guess that’s my motivation to find the truck some time.)

In all honesty, having worked in catering and having been through planning enough events to know the work that goes into it, I’m astonished that they were able to pull off such a great and elaborate event from a food truck, and a number of miles away from home, to boot. Having also been to many weddings, this catering job was definitely unorthodox, but had a unique character. It’s something to really consider if you’re ever planning an event and are looking for something a little different than the usual.

Awesome work, Slidin’ Dirty!


9 thoughts on “I went to a “Dirty Wedding”…

  • Jeni B

    Holy cow! Their lunch trucks are never where I am.. but I did get there once. But wow… that is a HUGE menu. Brooke and Time are such awesome people too.. I had a great little visit with them. One day soon, I will be able to try something else from the truck. How were the arancini? They look very tasty.

    • derryX

      The arancini were great. One of their skewer dishes was served with risotto, and it was spot on. I believe they use the same risotto to make the arancini. They know how to cook!

  • Mike

    It so reinforces my contention is that the only limitation in making good food is the cook, him or herself. It sounds like these people are full-on and intrepid which is what I look for and how I eat.
    Great review….

  • Brooke

    Jerry thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot! We always try to do our best and are always looking to do better in everything we do! We look forward to serving you again!
    Tim, Brooke & the Dirty Crew

  • Trish

    That was a really fantastic review. Brooke is my daughter/Tim my son-in-law and they truly work their butts off while raising 2 beautiful young children. I am always thankful when someone appreciates and acknowledges their effort. Thank you again! 🙂

  • mary elise

    I’m glad to have stumbled upon your blog entry via alloveralbany. I booked Slidin Dirty (after confirming it over sliders at the Troy Food Truck Fest) to cater my wedding and its nice to hear more positive feedback about their wedding catering abilities!


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