Grilled Chicken with Dinosaur Kale!

This is the easiest recipe you’ll ever read!

It’s tasty and super healthy!

I’ve been eating a lot of kale. I love it! Nine times out of ten, I use the same exact preparation every time.

This recipe works with any kale or dark greens that you can find.

This time, I made it with some dinosaur kale (otherwise known as lacinato kale) that I found at my farmers market; you can also buy this in the supermarket (I don’t care where you buy your stuff). I like this type of kale because you don’t need to pull away the greens from the stems; the lighter part of dinosaur kale is tender. Also, the final texture actually benefits from that little bit of stem down the center.

I start with two cloves of garlic and a nice chile; I really like the chile de arbol, which are long, thin, and red (or orange), but the closest thing my market had was jalapenos. I thinly slice the garlic, and I cut the chile into small pieces. To a large skillet, I heat about a tablespoon and a half of good olive oil on medium heat, and toast the garlic and chile in the oil for a few seconds. [Be careful here; if you use a very hot chile like habanero or toast the chile too long, it will emit a noxious gas, and you will be coughing all day.]

I cut the kale into 1 inch strips and add it to the oil. I toss the kale in the oil, chile, and garlic mixture so it’s well coated, and I add a little sea salt and black pepper. To aid in the steaming of the kale, I carefully add about 1/8 cup of water and toss. At this point, I do the rest of the cooking off of the heat.

What I’m left with is a skillet full of some healthy and delicious sauteed kale.

That’s it!

Simple, easy, tasty.

This reheats really well in the microwave as long as you leave it covered for a minute or two in there. So, what I do is make containers with it for lunch. I add a few grilled chicken breasts (chicken breast, salt, pepper on a hot skillet until cooked), and I get five servings of something packed with protein and nutrients for under $6.

Can’t beat that!


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