derryX Disney Dines: Yak & Yeti (Animal Kingdom)


Yak and Yeti

We only stayed in Animal Kingdom for one day, but, while we were there, we had lunch at Yak & Yeti. It’s located right where Asia starts in the park, and the entrance is sort of tucked away even though the restaurant is huge.



Non-alcoholic drinks

The menu is a fairly confused hodge podge of dishes that seem to have various Asian influences. Our server was very keen on pushing “her favorites” from the menu when she took our drink order. I ordered the glacier water (blue curacao and coconut syrup with Sprite). It was delicious and refreshing!

Glacier water

As an appetizer, I settled on the Pork Pot Stickers (Pan seared served with soy lime dipping sauce).

Pork Pot Stickers Pan seared or steamed, soy lime dipping sauce

When I asked for some hot sauce to have with the pot stickers, they brought me sriracha. Score!


As an entree, I settled on the Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp (Skirt steak, tempura-battered shrimp, jasmine rice, stir-fried vegetables, chili plum dipping sauce). I had built up a pretty hefty appetite after the travesty that was breakfast at Pepper Market.

Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp

Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp

Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp

The as far as quantites, the dish consisted of three tempura shrimp, a reasonable serving of medium-well, skirt steak, some sauteed vegetables, and a humongous mound of jasmine rice. It was literally like the rice never ends. There could easily have been four servings of rice packed into that tower.

The steak was very flavorful and tender. I would have preferred it cooked a little less so it wasn’t as chewy, but it was still somewhat enjoyable. The shrimp were a little overcooked and tough. I liked the vegetables, but they didn’t really bring much flavor. The chili sauce and srirachi definitely helped with that.

Because dessert is included with a dining credit, there was almost an obligation to order something. I opted for the recommended dish, Fried Wontons (Skewers of fresh pineapple and cream cheese wontons, vanilla ice cream, honey-vanilla drizzle). It sounded like an absolutely crazy dish, so why the hell not?!



This was a seriously crazy dessert! The most memorable part was the honey-vanilla drizzle, which was more of a splash. The wontons were lightly fried pouches of sweetness, and the honey-vanilla sauce really helped put those over the top. The ice cream wasn’t even necessary, but it was also pretty delicious.

This meal was well worth the dining credit. It was definitely among one of my highlights of the few hours I spent in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


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