derryX Dines – ???

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. And I’m gonna need your help with it.

The derryX Dines feature has been a popular feature that has pretty much been a staple to the blog ever since the Fall of 2010. Subsidized using my own personal funds in most cases, and stemming from the fact that I love eating out and have to eat too, I haven’t run out of places to try or ways to spin it.

Would you be surprised to learn that I currently have six different “derryX Dines” posts in progress? Of course you’ve noticed that I usually drop one weekly, so that means I already have enough to get into 2012, as long as I can sit down and finish the darn things.

Here’s where you come in.

This post will serve as my own personal checklist.

I’d like to open the floor to your suggestions or recommendations for places or dishes that you’d like to see me write about. I’m mainly open to suggestions in the Capital region of NY, but also in surrounding areas.

My concept of “dining” is a very adaptable thing. I am able to have an experience pretty much anywhere, and I’ve gone to places ranging from folding tables in the back of a grocery store, to “legendary” BBQ houses, to some of the finer Albany establishments (example 1, example 2-1, example 2-2).

I’ve even gone all the way to Montreal just to eat.

So there’s nothing I wouldn’t consider.

If you are a fan of the derryX Dines feature, and have something in mind, please sound off in the comments section.


18 thoughts on “derryX Dines – ???

  • Chris T.

    I want to see what you think about Arbys.

  • Darth

    I generally skip over the derryX Dines posts because they are focused on the Capital Region, and I live downstate. I prefer the reviews (such as You You) when you are near your parents home.

    I think you should review the Texas Roadhouse in Middlegare . . . it’s the only place that could possibly be more annoying then Cheeseburger in Paradise, but the food is better.

  • derryX

    I’m adding Alex Guarnaschelli’s restaurant, Butter, in NYC. (

    Also, submitted via twitter or email:
    Cella Bistro
    Deep Fried Burger at Swiftys

  • Valerie MacMillan (@WrigsMac)

    I’d suggest Fiorello’s deli, but I’m probably pushing it. Ha! 🙂

    I always like seeing people take a stab at cooking things they’ve never attempted before. I went to Adventure in Food Trading today and was incredibly tempted by kangaroo and yak, but thought I’d do more up front research first. Actually, rattlesnake is tempting too, but I’m afraid it might be one of those items like you see on Chopped where it’s dangerous if you serve it the wrong way.

  • -R.

    Hmmm….interesting task. I wouldn’t mind reading about some of the more, eh, ‘established’ places in the immediate area – you know, places that have been there forever, but you’d never really consider eating at unless maybe you were taking your grandparents for a meal. Verdile’s in Lansingburgh fits the bill nicely (as does Testo’s and Lo Porto’s…sorry, that’s a lot of carbohydrates). I’m sure there are other corollaries scattered about…probably in Amsterdam :-))

    A place that I ate when I was a prepubescent teen: Beardslee Castle in Little Falls. It’s supposed to be haunted you know! The menu looks pretty good, and the setting is unique.

    I don’t know much about the Glens Falls/Lake George dining scene either…maybe Bistro LeRoux (a couple I know has eaten there and had good things to say).

    Good luck!

    • derryX

      LoPorto is actually a favorite of mine. I just haven’t made it back there in a while.

      Certainly some interesting suggestions here. Thanks!

  • llcwine

    what about some real neighborhood places…like Spiak’s or Mousetrap…both very good and could use some publicity.

  • Pat

    If you ever get down this way cuz Harolds Deli in NJ its a long the lines of Carnagie Deli portions are ridiculous also l & b in Brooklyn know how much you love pizza the square is a brooklyn staple and melts like communion

  • Happy_Samich

    Brooks BBQ in Oneonta

  • Sue

    I second the local places like Spiaks – and maybe Ralph’s Tavern? Would also love a review on the new Sake place that just opened in Latham.

  • RI

    How about Pereccas?

  • Mike

    I’d like to see you try TJ’s on Central Ave in Colonie. I’ve been going there for years and the food is always great.

  • Dan

    How about Georges in Lake George or maybe the Log Jam also in Lake George


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