Vintages (Allure of the Seas)

The Allure of the Seas really has everything when it comes to dining options. For a premium, there’s a Brazilian steak house, they have a special Chef’s table dinner, and there also are tons of other meals that don’t cost extra, too!

The Spanish-style wine bar, Vintages, is lots of fun.

For a few bucks (under $10), we actually took an introduction to wine tasting class that included four tasting pours that covered the broad spectrum of varietals. It was lot’s of fun and even had some visuals!

Toward the end of the cruise, we were getting tired of the included stuff, so we stopped into Vintages for some tapas.

I also had a flight of wine (Italian Opulence). All together, it wasn’t a lot of money. Maybe $30 total?

The amount of food that was included in the tapas was crazy!

I really love the idea of tapas, being able to try a bunch of small plates. The serrano ham was great, and the bread they served was nice and airy and crusty. The tomato salad was great when eaten with the bread.

The croquettes were also great, and reminded me of my own arancini. The olives were nice. I don’t get why they served them with more bread.

There was also a seafood paella that was absolutely awesome. The saffron brought a beautiful aroma and flavor, and the seafood was cooked perfectly.

The meal came with a pistachio cream, which was luxurious and delicious.

If you’re going on the Allure of the Seas, this is one place you’re going to want to check out. Just like everywhere else, you’ll walk out full, and it’ll be a good full.


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