The Recovery Room – Colonie, NY

We were on Wolf Road this past weekend running some errands, and we decided to grab a bite to eat. Having been down the beaten path of Wolf Road many times, we decided to try one of the newer places, The Recovery Room, which is located at the back end of the Hannaford Plaza at Sand Creek Road.

Now, when I open a menu and see multiple flavors of boneless tenders, a fire lights up inside of me. I love places like Buffalo Wild Wings or Buffalo Wings and Rings, and I have been trying to fill a void that’s been empty since Scubbers closed three years ago. I love buffalo tenders. So when I opened the Recovery Room menu and saw a continuum of sauces, I got a little happy. For $9.99, you can get a sampler of boneless tenders (or regular wings). So, of course, I opted for this. I picked Cheerleader, Thai Sweet Chili, and Hot.

Here’s what I got:

Cheerleader, Spicy Thai Chili, Hot (left to right)

In my opinion, the portion is a little scant for $10 (basket of fries not included). You could go right up the road to Buffalo Wings and Rings and get triple the food for the same price. Alright, it’s a tough economy; everyone’s trying to turn a buck.

As far as flavors, the cheerleader and sweet Thai chili were a little strange. Cheerleader was just a bbq sauce with a dusting of cajun seasoning. The Thai was just too sweet and not spicy enough. The hot ones were interesting. The sauce was just a Franks/butter sauce. The addition of jalapeños helped add heat, but not enough for my taste.

Overall, I’d say these wing sauces were a fail.

To comment on Cassie’s meal, she ordered a panini that was fashioned on the faces of white bread.  It looked kind of smooshed and not appetizing. I don’t think she was a major fan.

I won’t be rushing out to dine at a Recovery Room any time soon.

What kind of strange seasoning do you add to your bbq sauce to make Cheerleader sauce?


13 thoughts on “The Recovery Room – Colonie, NY

  • John Jordan

    Haven’t tried the wings yet, but I was over there the Monday that they opened, and had the buffalo chicken pizza, and it was pretty awesome. Wings will be coming one of these days for lunch. I love that i’m less than 5 mins walking distance to it.

    Now I want wings, damn you! 😛

  • Voice of Reason (ALB Edition)

    While the Little One was in the NICU, Genwar and I would go to the Recovery Room across the steet from Albany Medical often. I found the food to be okay bar food… nothing spectacular. I’m not surprised to find that the Wolf Road branch is the same way. Genwar really liked to eat there but I think that had more to do with atmosphere than with the actual food.

  • Cassie

    In defense of Recovery Room, I’ve been to others in the area and the food was much better than what we had that day.

    The wings you were given were tiny and not worth the price. I didn’t try them so I can’t say anything about the taste.

    As for my panini, it was the Grilled Chicken Panini. It was definitely made with white bread. The grilled chicken was sliced as if it were meant to be on a salad instead of a sandwich and it was cold.

    Like I said, I’ve been to the Recovery Room in Troy and Albany and had positive experiences at both. Maybe the experience here was because they were so new. I won’t rush back there but, I would give them another chance eventually.

  • Sue

    For starters, I want to thank you for posting this. I work on Wolf Road (and play here an awful lot, too) and you just totally saved me a trip. 🙂

    Also, I hate – HATE – when any restaurant/bar promises me a good choice of wing sauce, saying they go from mild to holy $#!&, when really – they go from bland to wait – WAIT, I almost taste it. Bah. When I say I want hot, I want hot.

    It’s been years since I’ve been, but I know Mild Wally’s is still open in Albany. That might fit the bill. It used to anyway.

    • derryX

      I actually had pizza with a friend at Mild Wally’s a few months ago. Great stuff.
      I’m not sure if you are familiar with Scubbers. They were located in Newton Plaza (and in Troy years ago), but they were a Mom + Pop shop that basically specialized in wings and other junk foods. They closed a few years ago, but it left a huge void for me. Their wing sauces are amazing. They go from Mild, which they say is “burn your mouth hot” to medium to x-hot to xx-hot. Mild is what alot of these chains call “Hot.”
      The best part about Scubbers wings/tenders was that if you ordered x-hot, you could tell they were hot by looking at them.
      Making a long story short, there’s a Dunkin Donuts on the north side of Wolf Road. I ran into the owner of Scubbers at the gym a few months ago and she confirmed that they were opening a take out shop next to that Dunkin Donuts.
      This makes me 🙂

      • Jeff

        Scubbers was the best wings I’ve ever had, they can not re-open too soon.

      • Tara

        I grew up in Latham and went to Scubbers all my life. My father loves to tell the story of how he brought some business people there for lunch one day. One man got the atomic wings and they were SO hot that he literally thought he was having a heart attack and went to the hospital. Thats how you know a good chicken wing! (Even though I hate spicy foods and half the time mild is too strong for me.)

  • Keith

    Wow, what a weak portion for the price, and the lackluster flavor you’re describing doesn’t help make it look like anything I’d bother trying out.

  • Brian G

    Who has the best wings now that Scubber’s is gone? I def. agree Scubber’s was amazing – even for us mild guys!

    • derryX

      I’m still on a mission to find that. Scubbers is going to re-open soon (read through the above comments), so I’m gonna give up looking.


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