Sushi X – Latham, NY

How many cliche ways can we start this post?

“derryX invades Sushi X”

Good enough.

I have been anticipating the arrival of Sushi X, an all you can eat sushi experience located at 710 New Loudon Road (route 9) in Latham, NY, for a while. It has been touted as formidable competition for Nikko Sushi Buffet in Colonie. I went for a dinner with my good buddy, Rory (and, yes, I can eat sushi outside of the #MissionSushi project, and I did.).

When I walked in, I saw things I was never expecting. Purple neon lights, a full service bar, nice tables. And why wasn’t I expecting this? Because I refused to read anything about this place before going. I was expecting a clone of Nikko; this was the exact opposite.

The service is waited, and you order just like at a restaurant. Well…not exactly…

You get these menu sheets, and you fill them out with everything you want to eat. But there’s a caveat, and we’ll get to it later.

I ordered some appetizers and some sushi. I even took a picture of the sheet with rolls that I got, so I can remember.

…and the food just keeps coming out…

Rory had tuna tartare
I had tempura shrimp
I had Rock Shrimp
I had gyoza
I had a f*ckload of sushi
Then I saw this sign...

The last part of the contents of this sign was covered on a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, so I’m not going to touch the matter of sharing all-you-can-eat diners’ food with menu diners’ food. But, since I was getting full, that sign kept getting realer and realer. It really got real for Rory, who had ordered much more than I did.

I guess I should go back and comment on the food. Everything was pretty standard. The rock shrimp stood out as something special. They were breaded, fried, and tossed in sriracha and Japanese mayonnaise sauce. I also tried red snapper sushi for the first time. It was “very tasty” (QUICK: name the movie). They had mango sushi, and I naturally had to check it out.

The rolls were pretty good. The X Roll, what should have been my signature roll (wink wink), was probably the worst of what I ordered. It was deep fried until the fish was totally cooked, which I didn’t really like. The crazy tuna roll was awesome.

It was at this point that I had to rub it in to Rory a little. He was clearly full, but pushing down the last few bites of sushi. He had about a half of a plate of edamame that were untouched, and I kept taunting him about it. I was certain he was going to have to pay for half of an edamame order.

Now, the beauty of this place is that you can order as many times as you want. So they will give you another set of forms when you are ready. While Rory was fighting those edamame, I got an appetizer form and ordered more rock shrimp. Those were so good.

After I finished gorging on sushi and appetizers, I even had ice cream. I picked ginger and mango.

The ginger was definitely ginger. It pretty much smacks you in the face as hard as you can take it. The mango was much more mild and delicious.

We got our check, conveniently with the tip build in.

It turns out our server’s name was Tinfanny all along. Who knew?

$25.265 is not bad for the opportunity to order an entire kitchen worth of food if you want…

…just make sure you finish everything you order because I think they’re gonna charge you if you don’t.

MORE derryX Dines!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Sushi X – Latham, NY

  • Albany Jane

    That place was legit nice! Royally blew nikko out of the ayce water.

  • E.

    Agreed, plus the staff were all super lovely to our (very large and boisterous) table.

  • Scott C.

    The remodelling looks fantastic; it used to be a run-of-the-mill Chinese buffet joint. I’m gonna have to give that a try sometimes — I’m in that area often, usually to hit the 76.

    • derryX

      Ohh it’s night and day. It has a very modern style with some pretty cool neon lights inside. Far away from the old Ponderosa + buffet booths and steamy air. It’s well worth the trip.

  • llcwine

    looks AJ’s review on her site too. This is a must get to place for me, just need to convince the husband who is not into sushi….or get a friend..or go solo..but I’ll get there.

  • B

    I’m definitely stoked about this place, and that it’s not all that much of a drive from Albany (though would a second location in Albany proper be rad? Yes).

    It’s definitely overkill to order a huge plate of sushi off the bat. The servers are really attentive, all you have to do is ask for more sheets each time they deliver your order. They even remind you right at the top of the sheet (you can see it in your photo): “Order all you want but eat all you order. Please do not waste food.” My table of two had at least a dozen rounds including ice cream. Just get a couple mouthfuls and decide what you want next while you’re enjoying it, it’s hard to overorder that way. We stayed for two hours with no problems.

    I heard high praise for the rock shrimp from other people too but wasn’t that impressed. The red snapper jalapeno was awesome, and the special rolls are nice (though almost half of them have tuna), but what really stood out was the pepper salmon. Next time I will probably just order a plate of 10 of those, maybe twice.

    PS: Wednesday is all you can drink sake for $9.99, and Thursday is ladies night with $2 cocktails. The AYCE is $2 more expensive on weekends too, but that’s still an awesome deal. Hope these folks are doing good business and will stick around.

  • kate

    Ny room mate does not like sush! i used to have to drag her to Nikkos with me. there wsas enough on this menu to keep her satisfied, stuffed even and she wants to go again! that means more sushi for me!!!!


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