Revisited: Nosh – Guilderland, NY

I haven’t really had a craving for a kosher-style deli sandwich lately, but the announcement of Saturday and Sunday brunch at Nosh really caught my attention.

(My first impressions of Nosh can be read here.)

Nosh table setting

We were the first customers on a Sunday morning, and the young lady who seated us had a very pleasant manner.

Nosh Brunch menu

Corned beef eggs benedict

On the brunch menu, there’s a benedict hash (“Nosh’s soon to be famous Crispy home made corned beef hash on three toasted English muffins, topped with perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise” – $10.95) that really caught my eye. I love eggs Benedict, and I really love a good corned beef hash. I also loved that the description indicates three English muffins.

It’s really a no-brainer that that is what I ordered.

Benedict hash at Nosh

Benedict Hash at Nosh

Benedict hash at Nosh

The dish is basically three, hefty, half-cup (or more) portions of homemade corned beef hash atop English muffin halves. Each is topped with a poached egg and some Hollandaise. The strawberry on the plate was cute.

Poached egg

The poached eggs arrived at the table perfectly cooked. Each had that runny texture that just starts to solidify as it flows out after you break the egg.

The hash was very good. Everything was chopped fairly finely, and the seasoning throughout was assertive but appropriate. I’m nitpicking a little when I say the hash had just a touch too much moisture.

I liked the English muffins, although they were of the thinner variety that tend to get a little too crispy.

The Hollandaise was fairly bland, so I asked for some hot sauce to help round out the dish.

Cassie had the Smoked Salmon Benedict (Crispy potato pancakes topped with premium smoked salmon, sliced tomato, two poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Served with homefries – $11.95). Although I didn’t take a bite, the potato pancakes looked great.

Overall, I was very pleased with my brunch at Nosh.


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  • Mike

    You both ordered what I would have ordered! I don’t think anyone makes their own corn beef hash around here…I know what you mean about those food service thin English muffins…I get the Ezekial sprouted wheat muffins which are pretty hefty and toast up perfect…a good poached egg is hard to beat and find here, too. You’re giving me breakfast ideas for tomorrow, dude! Great blog!


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