Revisited: Hatties – Saratoga, NY

My original trip was for dinner. I recently returned for their special Saturday and Sunday brunch (I went on a Sunday).

Seeing local businesses on the menu was a great thing. Sausage from North Country Smoke house, extra sharp cheddar from Cabot, Pure Maple Syrup from Sheldon Farms are specified; these types of values in our local businesses shows a dedication to the region. But it’s really about the quality, isn’t it? (That’s rhetorical.)

I couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast. One thing I knew is that Cassie and I were going to split some of the biscuits and gravy (A Southern Classic done right served with Jasper’s Sausage Gravy – $7.95).

So we did.

I really enjoyed this. The gravy had a very mild bite and wasn’t overly spiced. It was also creamy and sumptuous. They did go a little overboard on the chives, but I didn’t seem to mind it. The biscuits were light, fluffy, clearly homemade, and delicious.

I finally decided on the Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs (Fried Skirt Steak smothered with Gravy and served with Two Eggs and Home Fries – $14.95) for my main course (scrambled eggs, of course).

Just about everything on the plate was a humongous win. I’ll point out the two downfalls first. The home fries were loaded with chives; again, not a horrible offense; it was just excessive. The steak, admittedly a tough cut of meat, was extremely tough. Normally, for this dish, the meat is either pounded with a mallet or poked with a fun tenderizer tool; mine showed no evidence of either. The steak was, however, beautifully cooked to medium inside.

The eggs were nicely scrambled and fluffy. The toast was buttery and delicious. The batter on the steak was awesome, with a nice peppery bite, and the gravy was just the same.

Writing about it is making me yearn for it again (which actually doesn’t usually happen, believe it or not.)

So things are a bit on the pricey side, but you’re going to eat well for the price. The place was decently busy but not at capacity like dinner on my first visit. It was definitely a nice cozy country-style breakfast.


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