Professor Java’s – Colonie, NY

Professor Java's Coffee Sanctuary

I often forget that Professor Java’s on Wolf Road has a fairly extensive food menu. In the past, my visits there have been to pick up the occasional flavored coffee drink, an Italian soda, or to meet up with some friends for some home baked sweets in a cozy environment. I tend to stay away from their espresso beverages after the handful of times I’ve watched the employees there pull 90 second espresso shots for the cute mixed drinks they make.

Javian wraps

On this visit, Cassie and I sat down for a quick lunch together on my day off from work. I ordered a wrap from the “Javian Wrap” section of the menu.

Victoria's Turkey Humdinger

For $8.95, the wrap has turkey, hummus, cucumber, spinach, roasted red peppers, and black olives; it also comes with chips. I opted for the additional $3 fee to have a side salad with blue cheese dressing on the side instead.

Side salad

The wrap was very good. It was packed with all of the listed components. The turkey was a thicker sliced home style turkey breast, definitely superior in taste and texture to processed deli-style turkey breast. The hummus used to tie the wrap together had a good bit of acidity.

Close up of the wrap

Overall, though, the wrap was a little dry. The hummus was thin enough to serve as kind of a sauce, but because it’s in a wrap, it wasn’t evenly distributed throughout each bite.

The side salad was a plentiful portion of romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onion for the additional price, and the homemade blue cheese dressing was good, heavy on the mayo, but definitely packed the punch of blue cheese. I only needed a little to dress my greens.

As a snack, I ordered the peanut butter brownie ($4).

Peanut butter brownie

Peanut butter brownie

Four bucks is a little steep for a brownie, but it’s definitely big enough to justify the price and to share. It’s a more cake-y brownie than I like, but the peanut butter swirl helped each bite remain chewy. This is definitely the type of brownie that’ll have you reaching for a tall glass of cold milk as you eat it.

I definitely enjoyed my lunch at Professor Java. When there’s coffee, food, and sweets, I’m almost always a fan!


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