Planet Wings – All over the Hudson Valley

Since I visit my hometown of Middletown, NY frequently, it’s only fair that I review restaurants in that area as well. One of the things that #dompap, Geoff Gorfman, and I like to do is order take out from a place called Planet Wings. They basically have everything under the sun that you think you would want to eat. Burgers, gyros, pizza, tacos, wings, you name it, they probably have it.

Their variety in wing sauces is great. They have about 25 different sauces, ranging from your classic buffalo sauces in different heat levels, to bbq sauces, to more exotic sauces like Jamaican Jerk. I generally like to order boneless wings in two different sauces, one fairly hot buffalo style, and another exotic sauce, and then get either some fries or a Jamaican beef patty.

On a recent visit, I decided to take photos of what I ordered. Here goes…

Planet Wings Jamaican Jerk Boneless Wings
Planet Wings Original Hot Boneless Wings
Planet Wings Smiley Fries

Yes, you saw correctly, they have smiley fries!


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