Paisan’s Pizza

Pizza’s a pretty dangerous food for me to seek out on a regular basis because it opens my cravings for everything, but sometimes, I want the saucy, carbohydrate and cheese laden goodness of pizza. One Wednesday evening, I stopped into the Paisan’s Pizza on Central Avenue in Colonie (1892 Central Ave) for a couple of slices.

The slices on the counter looked pretty good, and I was impressed with the overall cleanliness of the restaurant; my experiences at other locations haven’t left a great impression on me in this regard. I had my mind set on the two slices I wanted, but then I saw a nightly special for a chicken parm sub with fountain soda for $7. Instantly, that became what I wanted more than anything. I added on a beef patty ($2) for good measure.

Beef patty

The beef patty was wrapped in foil and warmed in the pizza oven. This is your standard, factory made beef patty. There isn’t really much to say other than it was what it was.

The chicken parm sub, on the other hand, was pretty spectacular.

Paesan's chicken parm sub

I ordered mine with light sauce, and they obliged; the big-mouthed customer next to me decided he was going to be a douche, and give me grief, citing that “the sauce is the best part.” [Note to people who intend on being customers in the world: don’t bother other people like this.]

The sandwich was loaded with cheese and had a healthy serving of chicken that was breaded and seasoned very nicely. The bread was really great and crisped up nicely in the pizza oven.

Chicken parm sub

The fountain soda was pretty fun too. They had a flavored Pepsi drink kiosk. I love playing with the Coca Cola one, but this is the first time I’ve come across a Pepsi version. I was able to get grape diet Pepsi; I think they had strawberry, too. It’s kind of amazing that this technology is built on the same principles that inkjet printers are.

But yeah, I walked in intending to get a couple of mediocre slices of pizza for a decent price, and I ended up with a pretty great sub for an awesome price.


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