Miss Albany Diner – Albany, NY

This isn’t an actual  review of the place. I actually think I might refrain from reviewing this establishment and just say it’s the only place within 20 miles of Albany to get a decent breakfast.

On a recent trip to the Miss Albany Diner which was originally intended as a new installment of “derryX Dines,” YNN news crews were there to interview the staff about the passing of the guy who owned the place.

Jeff Gorfman (in a “Tuff Zone” jacket), Cassie, my new protege, and I were all there for the event and have been immortalized on video.

Read the story and watch the video:


The anchor recognized me and pulled me aside to question me on what I was doing there. I can’t really talk much more about it yet, but something is in the works…stay tuned.

MORE derryX DINES!!!!


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