Late night Capital City Gastropub meal

‘Twas the night before Christmas Eve…

…and we decided to have a late night dinner at one of my favorite places, Capital City Gastropub (read my first impressions). I got word that there is a special late night menu in addition to their normal menu, so I had to stop in to try a few of the things I can’t normally get.

Up front, I’ll tell you that there was a bit of confusion over when service of the late menu should start. The server and I were under the impression that it was 9:30pm. This is corroborated in the information given in the Table Hopping post linked above. The chef on duty didn’t want to fire that menu until 10pm. We were seated at approximately 9:40pm. After a couple of trips to the kitchen, the server gave us the late menu.

I ordered a Farmhouse Ale Moo Thunder Stout on tap to wash down the following:

Crispy chicken wings: Buffalo sauce, buttermilk blue cheese ranch. (Absolutely delicious! Fried nicely and tossed in a slightly sweet and slightly tangy sauce. Not your typical “Buffalo Wings” at all. The homemade dipping sauce was interesting and a perfect creamy accompaniment to the wings)

Gastro Riblet sandwich : black garlic BBQ sauce, dill pickle relish and red onion on ciabatta; house-made fries (A formidable sandwich. Much better than the crap McRib. The meat was juicy and succulent, and the BBQ sauce was subtle in flavor but brought the meatiness out of the pulled rib meat. I couldn’t find dill pickle relish, but I was given some bread and butter style sliced pickles on the side. The roll was a bit on the soft and mushy side, but was fresh.)

I ordered dessert, gateau basque. I have no idea what it was, but it was delicious!

This was my pre Christmas Eve dinner, and I wasn’t disappointed in the least!


3 thoughts on “Late night Capital City Gastropub meal

  • Valerae

    I was thinking of the McRib when looking at that picture! Everything looks good – especially those wings. The desserts there are really fabulous (and that stout is great choice).

  • -R.

    I gots me a gift certificate for the Gastropub for Christmas, which I specifically requested. The images of the sandwich and wings makes me want to go right now, as in immediately. Damn you, it’s only 2 in the afternoon!!! Have a Happy New Years!!


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