Included dining on the Allure of the Seas 2

You’ve probably been following my Allure of the Seas posts and noticing that there’s a whole lot of eatin’ that can be done on the ship. It’s true. I barely scratched the surface so far.

But there are a few more meals I’d like to share.

These are filed under the category of included dining, or meals that are free once you’re on the ship.

There’s a Johnny Rockets Hamburgers on the ship. It’s actually in a fun little concourse that’s reminiscent of a carnival. For lunch and dinner, you actually have to pay for burgers. They actually served breakfast that was no extra charge.

Just like everywhere else, you could order as many entrees as you want.

I ordered a dish that came with home fries, (imitation) scrambled eggs, and a burger patty. I had Bob’s Diner in Watervliet in mind when I ordered this (they make a mean Hamburger steak breakfast).

I also ordered some pancakes.

I didn’t finish everything because it wasn’t all that great, but it was a fun little escape on the ship.

In the same boardwalk area, there was a sausage stand that had sausages from all over the world.

I made a few stops at this stand over the course of the cruise, but my last stop there was for the Wünderdog, an Austrian style veal sausage stuffed into a baguette. This was fun. They had a spike that they jabbed the baguette into, and then they slipped the sausage in (shut up).

The rest of the meals we ate were done either at a place called the Windjammer cafe or a the solarium. The Windjammer was just an endless buffet of all different types of stuff. It was pretty easy to put together a decent breakfast, lunch or dinner there. The solarium had a breakfast buffet that was more healthy fare, turkey bacon, oatmeal, poached eggs, stuff like that. I preferred the Windjammer; we only went to the solarium once. They had pretty good unsweetened iced tea in either place, and those were unlimited, so that was a good place to sneak away to when I was thirsty and didn’t want water.

There was a pizzeria on the main floor, actually right by the main entrance to the ship, that had some alright pizza. It was open really late, so, after rocking the karaoke stage, I stopped for a slice (or two) before heading back to our room.

Yea, I ate a lot on that trip.


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  • -R.

    While I enjoy travelling enormously, all these posts about the ‘Allure of the Seas’ has firmly entrenched a notion I’ve had all along: I will never step foot on a cruise ship.


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