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With the diners in the area, when I’m looking for a hearty corned beef hash breakfast, I tread carefully. Most places charge upwards of $8 for 1/3 of a can of hash with a couple of eggs and toast. Very few concoct their own from the handful of relatively inexpensive ingredients it takes to make.

Farmer Boy placemat

Farmer Boy in Colonie (1975 Central Ave) does make their own hash, and they charge a very reasonable price ($5.99) with a couple of eggs, hash browns, and some toast.

Farmer Boy Classics

Corned beef hash with poached eggs at Farmer Boy

Hash Browns at Farmer Boy

Multigrain toast at Farmer Boy

I can appreciate the addition of regular hash browns with the meal, but, for me, it’s not really necessary. Although their hash resembles the ubiquitous canned stuff, the non-uniformity of the grind of meat, onions, and potatoes as well as the superior flavor (and much lower amount of salt) differentiates the hash at Farmer boy. Throw on a couple of eggs, and you’re good to go for a good meal. The portion isn’t very big, but at just $6, you’d have to be crazy to not call that a deal.

With that being such a low price, another item there that I like to order (for sharing) is the Cinnamon Horn (Layers of puff pastry drizzled with a citrus honey syrup twisted together and smothered with cinnamon sugar and nuts – $4.49).

Cinnamon Horn on menu

Grilled cinnamon horn

Grilled cinnamon horn at Farmer Boy

This flaky pastry gets split then grilled on the flattop and served with softened butter. Slathering each bite with a little butter is a guilty pleasure, and it’s a damn good guilty pleasure.

The menu features a number of other breakfast classics, including omelets, sandwiches, and pancakes. The diner itself is very unassuming. It’s just like most other diners around, counter, booths, and all. I’ve been there a few times for lunch, but, while good, I prefer their breakfast, especially the hash and grilled cinnamon horn.


3 thoughts on “Farmer Boy Diner – Colonie, NY

  • Bob W.

    Agreed — that is my go-to dish whenever I find myself at the Farmer Boy. Their hash is quite good and the price very reasonable.

    How were your eggs? I usually get mine over easy there after a couple of experiences with waaaaaaay hard-poached eggs.

    • derryX

      On this visit, they weren’t bad, maybe just a little past perfectly poached. One other time, they were a little under, otherwise, I usually order them over easy as well.

  • Guilderland Gary

    Those look like home fries, not hash browns.


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