Dibella’s Subs – Latham, NY

I had to check out the new Dibella’s Subs that opened at 2 Wade Road in Latham, NY. Why? Well, because I love subs.

I went on a Sunday afternoon. I had a big breakfast of probably corned beef hash and eggs, and, after not having lunch, I was getting kind of hungry late in the afternoon.

When I got inside the place, I didn’t know what to do. It was one of those counter systems where there’s no one distinct line, kind of like Katz Deli in New York City, if you’re familiar. Furthermore, there are countless possible permutations of their sandwiches. So, when I got inside, I just stood there and read the menu for a few minutes, even while the kids behind the counter restlessly asked to take my order repeatedly.

I settled on the Dagwood,which consists of turkey, ham, and corned beef. Now, what kind of bread did I want? Sesame, multigrain, everything, or plain? I went with sesame. Did I want anything else on top? Well, I opted for hot peppers and provolone cheese. Did I want it classic style or grilled? I went with grilled.

And so a legend was born…

Of course I took it home, where I could add a can of Coke Vanilla Zero as a scale reference. Why did I pick a can of Coke Vanilla Zero? Because the sub was clearly approximately the length of four of these cans. Ohh, and Coke Vanilla Zero is delicious. (shut up, don’t judge)

This sub was spectacular. The cold cuts were sliced thinly and laid out nicely along the bread. They were grilled which helped to dry the sandwich a little and add a small amount of crunch. The cheese was melted and delicious. The hot peppers were legit, so legit, that I had to open it up to take off about half of what was there. They were HOT! The only thing I can complain about is the bread. Don’t get me wrong; it was good. However, a few minutes in a nice hot oven to crisp the bread and toast the sesame seeds would have put this over the top.

Let’s talk about how much I ate. No, I didn’t finish it. I ate half and then half of the second half, i.e. approximately 3/4. I was absolutely stuffed by the end of it, and, for $10, that is a great thing! I also didn’t fool around with chips or any of that garbage. I did enjoy the complimentary pickle, which I think was half sour, but who cares?

A place with this much variety, i.e. tweaks, quality, and quantity is rare in these parts. Although I like to order the same thing every time I go somewhere, I can assure you that there’s no way I will be able to resist trying a new submarine creation or tweaking something I’ve had before in the future.

MORE derryX Dines!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Dibella’s Subs – Latham, NY

  • The pedagogue

    I have yet to taste a sub that can compete with a Famous Deli-licious masterpiece. Mainly because they are the only establishment that makes fried pumpkin, a great compliment to any sandwich. From what I can tell from your picture, the bread looks like it is lacking the authentic taste of a true Italian “falone.”

    • derryX

      Honestly, the biggest frustration of living up here is finding a good Brooklyn style sub. The purpose of this post is to highlight that I found something that, while not a direct substitute or competition, serves as a viable dining option in the Albany area. The bread is nothing like a “fillone,” but was truly tasty and only lacked in the crunch department.

      Trust me, cuz, if I were to post the sad excuses for Italian combos from around here, I’d make enemies real quick.

  • The pedagogue

    Working all those years at ” The Famous ” definitely makes it that much harder to fairly judge other foods… I can’t imagine your frustration. But your later comment about making enemies caused me to laugh out loud. Too funny !!!!


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