Coccadotts – Loudonville, NY

Coccadotts cake shop

We recently stopped in to Coccadotts Loudonville location in Newton Plaza for a quick snack. We grabbed a couple of cupcakes to go.


I went for one that was trendy (maple bacon) and one that I couldn’t resist based on the name (OMG!).

Maple Bacon cupcake

I’m a fan of bacon as bacon but I’ve rarely been interested in the craze of bacon all over previously established food concepts over the last few years. This cupcake was good, but not because of the bacon. The maple flavored cake and maple frosting were strongly flavored but mildly sweet. The cake was so moist that it didn’t need frosting. Scratch that. All cupcakes need frosting. The saltiness of the bacon was a fine contrast, but cold bacon picks up a gritty texture in the fatty parts, and that’s just not appealing on a cupcake. The gold sprinkles on top were a nice little dazzle.

OMG! Cupcake

The OMG! Cupcake was in a different stratosphere. Here’s the description from their website: “From the bottom: Oreo cookie, then a layer of peanut butter, chocolate cake completes the cake. We then iced the cake with chocolate buttercream and dipped it into white peanut butter chocolate.”

OMG! Cupcake

Aside from being a little difficult to eat (what cupcake isn’t?), this one was a home run. Because of a layer of peanut butter, the Oreo cookie maintained its crispness. There was quite a bit of chocolate buttercream, but the peanut butter white chocolate ganache surrounding it helped keep it contained. If you’re a chocolate peanut butter lover like I am, this is what heaven is like. I’d imagine that if you like milk with your chocolate cake, you’ll probably reach for a glass of it. I never do.


The Newton Plaza shop is kind of cute. They didn’t seem to have the selection that you’d find on Central Ave, but there were about a dozen things to choose from. It seemed big for what it was, but the space behind the counter looks well suited for events and classes.


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