Ben and Jerry’s Cafe – Puerto Rico

On the second day of our trip, off the cuff, I stopped into a little place called Ben and Jerry’s Cafe for a quick coffee. What I found was that they had some of the most delicious Puerto Rican coffee I’ve ever had on the island, and that it was a pretty cool spot with lots of character that served breakfast as well.

Ben and Jerry's Cafe

Ben and Jerry's Cafe

I went back later in the trip for breakfast. My order was pretty simple: an egg and cheese croissant, cafe cortado, and a glass of water.


My coffee was ready quickly, so I watched the coast while I waited for the sandwich.

This is the stool I sat on.

This shit is bananas...
This shit is bananas…

Cafe Cortado and water

Ben and Jerry's Cafe Cortado

The Puerto Rican cafe cortado is basically a shot of espresso served with a little bit of steamed milk and foam in a demi tasse cup. It’s a whole lot like a cappuccino, only smaller. And, again, the cortado at Ben and Jerry’s is outstanding. And it’s totally cute that they give you a decent sized biscotti along with it. For $2, it’s a pretty sweet deal!

Croissant sandwich

The croissant sandwich was pretty awesome. They slice and toast up the pastry really nice, then top it with a freshly fried egg and some white American cheese. Hate as much as you want on American cheese, but it’s as commonly seen in breakfast sandwiches in Puerto Rico as it is in the states. Given that the sandwich is on a freshly baked croissant, the price ($6.50) is justified. But, even if it was just on a roll, less than $10 is a bargain for enjoying some of the best coffee in Puerto Rico and some food while watching the waves crash on the coast.


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