Bagel Nosh – Queens, NY

I went down to Queens to hang out with my brother, The Fat Lantern, and our buddy, Jeff. We stayed at Jeff’s place which is in Astoria, Queens, and we needed a small and quick breakfast after a late night of pretty much eating everything in our sight.

Jeff suggested a place two blocks from his apartment, Bagel Nosh. It’s located at 3207 Broadway (Broadway Between 32nd St. & 33rd St.), and is just a block or two away from a train stop. On the same block are a number of different eateries including a Greek restaurant, a tavern with crazy awesome smelling wings, and a crepe joint.

If you clicked the link, you’ll see that Bagel Nosh is pretty much your corner store deli and that they have dozens of spreads and salads and a number of sandwiches at fairly low prices. Inside, it’s nothing fancy. Just some coolers with beverages toward the back, an area with a small flattop, and the deli display area. There are a few tables inside.

We all opted for bagel sandwiches, and their bagels are made onsite. I went with the tried and true combination of bacon, egg, and cheese, and saw that they had whole wheat everything bagels, so I chose that. I also had a diet Dr. Pepper and a bag of Dipsy Doodles (aka the saltiest bag of chips on the planet.)

It was pretty much exactly what you’d expect a bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel would be, but there was one awesome thing about the whole wheat everything bagel: there were salt crystals in with the seeds, garlic, and onions. That’s not something I’m accustomed to seeing. It tells me that the bagels at this place move, and that’s a great thing.

Jeff treated for breakfast, otherwise I would have gotten like four other things. Everything in the case looked great, and they had some awesome sounding cream cheese creations (like walnut and raisin, which looked phenomenal).

Next time I visit Jeff, it’ll be hard to resist a stop into Bagel Nosh.


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