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As we were in the process of moving into our new house, I started seeing the space formerly occupied by a beauty salon being converted. About a month before our move, a sign went up, indicating that a business called “A Natural Way Cafe” would be opening soon in the same plaza as Subway, sushi, and Chinese restaurants. From the information I read on Table Hopping, I learned that one of the proprietors was someone I knew as a trainer and social media liaison for Vent Fitness. I think I may have given her a guilt trip that led to her uncancelling and teaching a FocusMaster session once (it’s cool though because her music selection rocked way more than what they usually play!).

A Natural Way Cafe opened at 2568 Western Avenue the week after we officially moved. It has been a priority of mine to stop in to check it out.

Natural way cafe menu

A natural way phone number and address

The space is huge. The periphery is set up with small tables, and there’s a small area with some lounge chairs and a coffee table. They offer standard cafe menu items such as coffee, breakfast sandwiches, snacks, salads, and sandwiches.

Breakfast sandwich

sandwich menu

I stopped in for lunch and ordered a roast beef sandwich. It sounded good since the other owner indicated that she had just finished slicing the roast beef. Based on this, my assumption was that it was roasted in-house, but further conversations led me to discover that the deli meats come from Metro Deli and were selected because there are no added nitrates.

Roast beef sandwich

I had my sandwich with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard. I had the option of having the sandwich toasted, where it would be crisped up in an oven for a short period of time.

roast beef sandwich

It came with a bag of “Food should taste good” chips. They tasted pretty good.


The sandwich was alright. I’m nonplussed by most packaged roast beef, and this one is no more outstanding than any other. The multigrain bread was very tasty, but I probably should have chosen more assertive cheese to help enhance the roast beef. The price, $8.50, is on the high side for this style and size sandwich.

French toast cup

I also tried a chocolate chip French toast cup ($3) from the case filled with baked goods. They toasted it up a little to warm it through. It was like bread pudding that had a super crisp exterior but moist interior. The chocolate chips melted just enough to mingle into the bread slightly. It was truly outstanding. All of the baked goods (especially the cookies) looked amazing.

Lauren and Tiffany are definitely onto something. In that neck of the woods, aside from a couple of pizzerias and Chinese restaurants, there are no cafes. In the past, when I wanted coffee or baked goods, I’d have to drive down to Bountiful Bread or Starbucks in Stuyvesant Plaza. Also, for breakfast sandwiches around there, there is Subway and Mike’s Diner nearby, so it’s definitely a place that I think could enhance the neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “A Natural Way Cafe – Guilderland, NY

  • Lilly

    I tried it out the week before you. As I am in my office in Troy during the week at 7am until 4pm, I am not able to think of it as a place to go get a coffee and treat. All I have is the late hours on Friday or Saturday.

    I went in and ordered two sandwiches. And for what i got, I think $8.50 a sandwich is too high. If I am paying that much, I need something more incredible than romaine lettuce out of a bag that was probably purchased at Hannaford, not special deli meat, and slabs of toppings (in this case tomatoes and cukes). I had to take out the lettuce, tomatoes and cukes when I got home and eat them separately.

    It wasn’t awful, and I am sure the cafe side of their business is better… but their sandwiches need work for the $8.50 price tag…. mind you, they are going up against Placid Bakers Tom Turkey sandwich, which is spectacular for only $7.00. It almost isn’t a fair fight, but I can’t help but to make it my comparison.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry but I’m going to have to disagree with Lilly here. I think their sandwiches are amazing. I love how you can get a slip and pick exactly what you want. The variety is awesome as well. I believe everything there is exceptional. I highly recommend visiting A Natural Way for all your sandwich, salad, sweet, or savory needs. They also have many amazing beverages. 🙂


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