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Putting sweets in front of me is a horrible idea. I absolutely love chocolate and just about everything you can pair with it, except cauliflower. Last year, I moved in very close proximity to a quaint little shop called Candy Kraft (like them on Facebook). Located a couple of miles west of the route 155 exchange on route 20 (2575 Western Avenue Altamont, NY), Candy Kraft is a small shop that specializes in handmade chocolate and candies; they’ve been open since 1935, so they’ve been at it for longer than (most of) you and I have been around.

I’ve been able to keep myself away, but the allure of two new signs outside of the shop, one saying “Marshmallow Eggs” and the other saying “Cream Eggs,” spiked my curiosity.

Never did I expect that I live so close to a world class chocolatier.

The first thing I looked for were the marshmallow eggs.

Marshmallow eggs (Available in dark and milk chocolate)

I was gonna try one or two of these, but I found a wall of chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies. I went for the bunnies (each a buck something) because it’s Easter, and they’re the same thing as the eggs.

Chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies

When I found the wall of cream eggs, I honestly needed some help.

There were about a half a dozen flavors, and each flavor was available covered in milk and dark chocolate. When I asked what that most popular was, the resounding response from behind the counter was peanut butter. In fact, all they had left were the larger size (behind the counter). I was already doing enough damage to my training routine, so I let my eyes focus on the coconut cream eggs.

Coconut Cream Eggs (Milk and Dark Chocolate)

I went home with a dark chocolate coconut cream egg ($6).

Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream Egg

I had to split it down the middle to see what was inside and to share it with Cassie.

Inside of a dark coconut cream egg

It was a heavy sucker! I didn’t weigh it, but it’s easily 6-7 oz. The filling was a sweet and strongly flavored coconut cream. It’s thicker than what’s inside of a Cadbury egg, and the flavor of the coconut was intense and delicious. Coconut candies tend to have a gritty texture; this was smooth, reminiscent of the Cadbury egg filling, with the occasional shred of fresh coconut to bite into. The chocolate itself is also outstanding. A-mazing.

While I was in the shop, I asked the ladies at the counter to recommend something that people would travel the world to get. Their response was peanut butter (noticing a theme?) ribbon candy, but before I had a chance to drool all over the floor when I heard that, they regretfully gave me the news that they only make that around Christmas time. They recommended chocolate hazelnut truffles, and I bought two (I think it was like $.65 for both).

I can’t even begin to describe how light and delicious these were. I guess in a vague sense, you can think about eating a chewy, airy block of Nutella, where there’s some more chocolately stuff mixed in.

I didn’t snap a picture, but there are lots of chocolate covered things, fruit jellies, licorices, finely painted chocolates, macarons (I think), and things that I’ve honestly never imagined could be so close to home. I’ve been to other candy shops in the area, and most don’t even come close to the visual standards you find in this place. Of course, since I went the week of Easter, a large portion of their store was dedicated to bunny shaped creations. I got a kick out of the gigantic bunny they’re selling.

Gigantic Chocolate Bunny at Candy Kraft

I really don’t know how I’m going to keep myself out of this store now, knowing how great the stuff I tried was. I want to try everything! But I need to be good. I think that if I stick to the major holidays, that’s good enough.

I wonder what they do for Memorial Day…


4 thoughts on “derryX desserts: Candy Kraft – Altamont, NY

  • Rita

    I’ve always wondered if this place was any good! I drive past it everyday so now I’ll have to stop in.

  • Shannon

    This place completely blows Krause’s out of the water. Their peanut butter ribbon candy is the best I’ve ever had. And for some reason the fact that you can only get it around Christmas makes it that much better.

  • Jean Porter

    No fair. Such wonderful culinary descriptions and miles to travel to get it. At least I can dream. Jean

  • MiMi

    Love this place but only go a couple of times a year for the obvious reason. For those who are diabetic they have a much bigger selection of sugar free chocolates than anybody else and don’t charge extra for it like others do.


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