Burger with BACON and PEANUT BUTTER | Ambiguous Cocktails | derryX Dines Again

derryX DINES AGAIN!!! We get takeout from Innovo Kitchen to eat a burger with BACON AND PEANUT BUTTER made by Chef John LaPosta and drink outstanding yet ambiguous cocktails.

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Could this be the craziest burger in the world? Cajun dusted Angus brisket and slab bacon patty, american cheese, candied bacon, bread & butter pickle chips, habanero jam, smear of peanut butter. Maybe it isn’t, but that’s a crazy list of ingredients. Does it work? or is it STUNT FOOD for Instagram?

Plus, we order the Peachy Keen Margarita cocktail that is described to have mango juice but not peach juice. WATCH as we second guess our ability to taste fruity nectars.

Takeout during quarantine isn’t optimal, but it’s good to get away for a meal every now and again. Cooking at home is great but it gets old!

CHECK OUT MY BLOG POST about Innovo Kitchen from 2016: http://derryx.com/derryx-dines/innovo-kitchen-latham-ny/

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