A peek inside of derryXgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone for most of us, Americans and Canadians alike, but I thought I’d take you inside of a typical Thanksgiving dinner in my insanely Italian — insane and Italian — household at my parents’ house. You’ll be surprised at the simplicity, I think.

At the center of the dinner table is the turkey, which, naturally, for four adults, needs to be 23 pounds.
The turkey gets carved prior to service.
Candied sweet potatoes, which I always make, and will not provide the recipe to you (it's simple)
Two types of stuffing (meat based - made by mom, and bread based - made by me)
Corn bread cut into the oddest pattern your mind will ever see
Cheddar/Garlic Biscuits
Cherry Coke Zero
Caramelized cranberry and apple sauce

Ohh! It’s your lucky day! Here’s the recipe!

Start with 2/3 cup of granulated sugar in a pot with a cinnamon stick.
Heat the sugar over medium high heat until a caramel forms.
Add a bag of cranberries and cook until they blister.
Add two sliced apples and the zest and juice of one orange.*** Deglaze with 1 oz of port.
Cook until thick. Transfer to serving dish and allow to cool for at least 4 hours.

***This year, only tangerines were available in the fridge. They didn’t work so well. Ask Dom.

But yeah, that’s pretty much all that happens on my Thanksgiving table. I usually do the 1 plate special.


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