Save the date: Cook with me!

A date has been set.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 – 6PM-8:30PM

I’m teaching a cooking class at Different Drummers Kitchen.

This is going to be a fun little experiment for me because I actually love teaching and have a fair share of experience from college and graduate school. Chemistry is a little different than cooking, but just a little.

I figured I’d tailor my subject for my first cooking class to dishes I’ve been spending the last two years working on daily. And I further refined my subject down to focusing on some science and techniques behind cooking one ingredient.

The egg.

There are many ways you can cook them, and many ways you can mess them up. I’m still working on the specifics, but I intend for people who take the class to become more comfortable with some of the simpler techniques like poaching, boiling, and scrambling and to also take home some recipes and other techniques that will bring their eggs to the next level. The recipes I plan on providing will be guidelines and will leave plenty of room for interpretation.

Here’s the description of the course from DDK’s website:

One ingredient, myriad culinary opportunities! Eggs can be prepared simply or elaborately, and students who take this class will learn how to make egg dishes that utilize both principles. You’ll learn: perfectly poached eggs, fried eggs, classic French-style scrambled, coddled, and the secret to making hard-boiled eggs perfect every time. You’ll then use those techniques to make: homemade hash with poached or fried eggs, classic scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms, mixed green salad with Dijon balsamic dressing and boiled eggs, frittata, and molten chocolate cake.

I wanted the class to have something for every meal of the day, so I’m also going to cover molten chocolate cakes, since eggs are instrumental in creating the structure and the gooey goodness. So there’ll be a dish that utilizes the egg for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, and even something for a snack!

The setup for cooking classes at Different Drummers is pretty sweet. There’s lots of room to get some class participation going and there’s lots of equipment we can play with.

The classes there are quite popular. Many of the areas notable chefs and food enthusiasts such as Ric Orlando, Jaime Ortiz, Michelle Hines Abram, Deanna Fox, among others teach classes there regularly, and the general consensus is that the classes are usually great. Most of the 150 minute classes usually cost $65 or somewhere in that vicinity and very often sell out.

That all sets the bar really high for me. However, I think I’m up to the challenge of bringing a fun, informative, and delicious class to Different Drummers Kitchen.

It’s more than two months away, and between now and then, there’s the wedding, so I just wanted to mention that you can already start buying the class so that, if interested, you can purchase it now, put it on your calendar, and not have to worry about it being sold out two months from now.

But we’ll talk more about this as the day approaches.


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