Another chicken recipe

This post is less about me teaching you how to cook something unique and more about teaching you how to cook something flavorful that you can do in advance and use for multiple purposes in a simple way.

I recently had chicken breast in the freezer, and I’ve been looking to replace some of my higher fat, high protein meals with cleaner, leaner, high protein choices. The packet of chicken I had was 1.5 lbs, which would be 3 servings for me. It was three differently sized breasts. I sliced the breasts so all of the pieces were approximately 1 cm thick. [no pictures, because nobody wants to look at pictures of raw chicken]

I then marinated the chicken in my favorite jerk marinade (about 1 tablespoon per 0.5 lb of chicken, so, duh, 3 tablespoons), Walkerswood, recommended to me by Chef Chuck Hughes via twitter. I scoured the area for this stuff. When I finally couldn’t find it, Cassie bought me some of it and the jerk seasoning paste/rub for our one year of being together celebration.

After 2 days of sitting in this marinade (in which time the amount of liquid had doubled due to the osmotic effect of the salt in the marinade pulling moisture from the chicken), I grilled them up on a hot skillet that I sprayed with cooking spray.

I placed the grilled chicken breasts in my second finest piece of Gladware for storage.

The intent is to eat two pieces warmed in a microwave as my dinner. However, you could do whatever you’d like with them. They would go great on a sandwich (hot or cold) with a mango relish. You could slice the breast pieces and spread it over some greens to make a salad. You can dice the breast up and mix with some mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper, and have jerk chicken salad. You can warm it up and serve it over white rice with some fried plantains. You could…

(Do you get the idea???)



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