I’m featured on Happy Chef Uniforms

Back when I taught my Italian Comfort Foods class at The Cooks’ Resource in August, I got lucky and wound up being in a couple of pretty cool pictures that the staff there took of me in action. One thing I’m really happy about in the pictures is my teaching gear.

When I was shopping for a chefs’ coat, I figured it was a good opportunity to get myself a good one that reflected my personality. I have a pretty strongly rooted obsession with the colors black, red, and white. A google search led me to a company called Happy Chef Uniforms, which sells all types of styles and colors.

It took me a while to narrow down my options, but I finally settled on the Euro Fit coat. I loved the black coat with red buttons and accents. It was totally me.

On the Happy Chef Uniforms facebook page, they were asking for submissions of people wearing their products in a contest (they do this once a month). I figured it was worth a shot, even though I never win anything. I submitted the picture of me showing off my eggplant rollatini before saucing and baking them.

derryX with Eggplant Rollatini

Well, would you know it, I was recently informed that I won the contest!┬áThere’s a little blurb about me on their facebook page (along with an edited version of the above image).

Here’s a screen grab of the post:

Happy Chef Post Screen Grab

Pretty fun stuff!


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