How Breaking Bad Ends…(Spoiler free)

…with a grilled cheese, of course!

For some odd reason, it became a habit of mine during the last few episodes of AMC’s Breaking Bad to make a grilled cheese sandwich right before the show starts. I usually plan my meals out early in the day, and the grilled cheese was never in the plan, but for the finale, I totally planned a big grilled cheese into the day.

I made mine with apple-wood smoked bacon, a four cheese sliced blend (asiago, American, parmesan, and romano), and sourdough bread from Rock Hill Bakehouse.

(You know how to make a grilled cheese, right?)


Rock Hill Bakehouse Sourdough bread

Land-o-lakes 4 cheese blend

Ready to go

Griddling the grilled cheese

Resting the grilled cheese

All of my grilled cheeses get a few minutes rest on a wire rack. That helps the inside equilibrate to the temperature of the outside. I’m not a fan of burning my mouth on a delicious grilled cheese.

Breaking Bad Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It was a great treat to have during a great wrap-up to the show.

(I’m not going to give anything about the show away for people who haven’t seen it. I will recommend buying this if you’re a fan of the show or even if you haven’t seen it yet and are curious. It was a great show.)


8 thoughts on “How Breaking Bad Ends…(Spoiler free)

  • llcwine

    My only addition would be thinly sliced tomato (as long as it’s a quality tomato), that would put it over the top!!!

  • Woodrow

    I’ve never put both pieces of bread down to grill. I put one piece of bread on the pan, then put the cheese and extras on, then put the other buttered side on. My way always leaves me with the challenge of flipping it without losing the extras. After I flip it, I put a bacon press on top so the cheese and the extras join together. But I’m going to give your way a try. Thanks for the photos.

    • derryX

      I usually do it your way, but the bread loses its lift. I wanted to preserve the airy goodness of this bread. It’s really special stuff!

  • Woodrow

    I saw the original Breaking Bad weveral years ago, and Cranston’s character was a HS chemistry teacher whou found out he had terminal cancer. Since he was young, and had no money, he wanted to provide for his family. He stumbled on helping this youung guy make crystal meth for money. Bingo!. That was his out. I can’t remember all the details, and haven’t watched the sequels. But he was supposed to die, and that was to be, I thought, a one-time movie. It was good, but what happened to his death sentence by cancer so that he lived on for five years?

    • derryX

      It happens in an earlier season (so it’s not really a spoiler – if people who wanted to haven’t seen season 2 by now, I can’t be held accountable, haha)…the cancer goes into remission, and the plot really spirals out of control.

      Early on, I got hooked by the chemistry (I am a chemist by trade), the story-telling got better and better as the series progressed. I’d hold the whole series in almost as high regard as The Sopranos.

  • Woodrow

    You make a good point about using the press. The bread really suffers.

  • Woodrow

    I made grilled cheese w/ bacon using your technique of putting all the bread w/ cheese and bacon on the pan. I also picked up the LOL 4 cheese blend. Wow, that makes for great grilled cheese. One thing I tried, that I saw on some Foodie show, was to cover the sandwich with a st steel bowl for the last couple of minutes for a good melt. I didn’t have that nice Italian bread you used, but had some decent marble rye on hand.
    Thanks for the tips on making a better GC sandwich.

    • derryX

      Glad to help. The thing I don’t like about the steel bowl trick is that it creates steam (I understand the point is to melt the cheese with the steam), and, if you’re not careful, that steam condenses to the top of the bowl and drops onto the sandwich. That said, depending on the thickness of the cheese, I’ll throw a bowl or second pan on top to trap the heat from time to time.

      I could definitely envision a great grilled cheese with some marble rye. Maybe throw a little warm corned beef and pastrami in there…yum!


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