Fresh Pasta – Lidia Bastianich

People have been sending in different fresh pasta recipes to try. An avid reader sent me a link to Lidia Bastianich’s basic egg pasta. My inspiration to try this recipe was coming into possession of a jar of Bongiovi Arrabbiata pasta sauce.

So here’s the story about this pasta sauce. I’ve been pretty obsessed with it, and it’s all because of Tom Scharpling. When I heard that Jon Bon Jovi’s father was selling jarred pasta sauce, I was completely indifferent. I don’t really buy jarred sauce. If I want tomato sauce, I’ll make my own, just because it’s so cheap and easy to do. On Tom’s The Best Show on WFMU back in August, someone called in to alert Tom to the fact that Jon Bon Jovi’s dad’s tomato sauce exists.

Tom’s reaction was pretty amazing. He calls Jon Bon Jovi’s music “cut rate” and “mediocre” and isn’t surprised at all that his father, the man who taught him to be mediocre, is making mediocre tomato sauce.

So Cassie went shopping at Shop Rite one time, and figured I’d appreciate having some of this sauce in hand. So I made Lidia’s basic pasta.

Bongiovi sauce and lidia's pasta

I rolled the pasta out thin and hand cut my own pappardelle.

Lidia's Pappardelle

Additionally, I made a little chicken milanese. I topped a slice with some of the arrabbiata sauce and some fresh mozzarella and baked until warm.

Chicken alla parmigianna

I had a big pot of salted water at a rolling boil. On a different burner, I had a small frying pan with a little tomato sauce heating. When the chicken was ready, I dropped a handful of pasta into the water, allowed it to cook for about a minute, and transferred it directly to the sauce. I kept the heat going for about a minute while the starch from the pasta thickened the sauce, and the sauce absorbed into the pasta.

Chicken alla parmigianna and pappardelle

Pappardelle ala Lidia

First thing first, the sauce is outstandingly good, actually. I am astonished that it is devoid of artificial ingredients and preservatives, and I am a fan of the flavor of the sauce. It could use a little more heat, but that’s what piquin chile or crushed red pepper is for. I’m not a fan of the price tag; apparently, a 24 oz jar runs between $5 and $6. That’s a bit much if you ask me. [By the way, the catch phrase for this sauce is totally ridiculous!]

The pasta was awesome. Of the recipes I’ve tried, this pasta was the easiest to knead and roll out. I still have a bunch more recipes to try out, but I’m really liking this recipe!


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  • Mike Floyd

    I would like to try it, myself. I had some of that Carlino’s sauce shipped in from the Philly area and it turned out be pretty good (expensive +shipping) but if you want a great sauce at a good price, you bring out the home made stuff…the noodles look outstanding…it’s almost time for broccoli rab, isn’t it?


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