Easy to make ZUCCHINI STICKS (Mom’s favorite cut of pasta. HUH?!)

CRISPY ZUCCHINI STICKS are the easiest thing to make with all that zucchini popping up from the garden. Here’s a recipe with a fun story from back in the day!

Ingredients at the bottom of the description.

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Fried zucchini sticks recipe (or zucchini fries recipe) is one of those easy zucchini recipes or an easy zucchini side dish. There are ways to use zucchini and then there is this! Make some crispy zucchini fries or crunchy zucchini fries. File this under “how to make fried zucchini 2020”. Zucini is a fun way to spell it!

Ingredients to make this fried zucchini recipe 2020:
-Breadcrumbs (I use panko)
-Oil for frying (i used sunflower but olive oil or any other oil works!)



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