derryX Cooks: derryX Minute Steaks with Fresh Arugula

Here’s another simple “recipe” for you. Actually, I was looking for a way to get some protein into an arugula salad, and I came up with this with what I had around.

I buy these minute steaks from Falvo’s Meat Market; they’re basically very thin slices of beef (top round, I think) that cook up on a very hot skillet. They’re basically fresh Steakums, except not terrible. Best part is, these steaks are something like $3.99/lb.

I took 8 oz of these steaks, added some salt and black pepper, and grilled them up on my griddle.

While these were cooking, I tossed some arugula with some salt, pepper and lemon juice,

I piled the seasoned arugula on top of the cooked steak,

I drizzled the entire plate with a generous amount of olive oil. I used something from my TheĀ Olive Press Sampler Pack,

…and I had a yummy, protein packed, fresh meal. In under five minutes including cleanup.

…and, at this point, you probably recall that I’ve prepared something similar before.

…AAAAAAnd, at this point, you’re right.

It’s all about the motifs, and the seasoned arugula placed over something and drizzled with olive oil is a pretty robust motif.

Just imagine: with just one variation, this could be another great dish – Carpaccio


2 thoughts on “derryX Cooks: derryX Minute Steaks with Fresh Arugula

  • Third Auntie

    That looks delish! I love having steak with arugula but I think your addition of the lemon and olive oil makes it even better. And, that was a great dish you brought to the potluck picnic.


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