BMF Yoga with derryX

One of the things I’m working on getting off the ground in 2017 is my BMF Yoga expansion. BMF Yoga is my personal “brand” of yoga. The name is clearly a play off my wallet, but it also stands for “Basic Metabolic Force.” Unleashing this force is the fundamental purpose and benefit of the DDP Yoga workouts (my certification).

I’m starting out by building a social media audience while I work on getting regular classes into some local studios. My BMF Yoga social media postings will be a mix of inspirational thoughts, meal prep and recipes, my personal journey, and perhaps some restaurant information from time-to-time. I’m also going to work on more YouTube videos.

I’d love to get some feedback for ideas of where to teach classes, so if you have a favorite studio, let me know! If you’d like to talk about one-on-one classes, info is here.

Let’s interact on your favorite social media platform! (And please share with any friends you think are interested)

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