XProtege didn’t see Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 10, Kriskaten did…

Foreword by derryX: Kriskaten was kind enough to write this recap this week. I was away on hiatus and was relying on Xprotege to do it, and he “couldn’t.” I don’t know what kind of game this kid is trying to play, but between this and the post he wrote last week about telephones, I’m not pleased. I am pleased, however, with Kriskaten’s review of episode 10. Enjoy!

The show starts out where it ended last week, with Sammi coming back into the house. The girls are happy to see her. Ron is shocked, and immediately flees outside for a smoke. After a pep talk from the guys, he comes back inside and tries to say something to Sam. Sam isn’t having it. AWK-WARD.

Everyone decides to go out to Karma to celebrate Sam being back, or because they’re a bunch of drunks. Before they go out, Snooki tells Vinny she wants to cuddle that night, so don’t pick up any chicks. He says ok but points out that she might hook up with some random guy. She says she won’t. She wants another chance with “Moby Dick,” her affectionate and somewhat creepy nickname for Vinny’s penis.

At the club, Sam seems content to play up being single with her ladies, but Ron isn’t the same single Ronnie. He follows her around like a pathetic little puppy dog. After a while of her acting cool towards him, he decides to go home alone. Also at the club, J-Woww sees Roger for the first time since he’s been back in town. Vinny ends up meeting a Dominican chick with a friend for Paulie, and they take the two girls home. J-Woww and Deena walk home from the club together, and Jenni has to pee so she ducks behind some cars and pees. On Deena’s foot. Classy.

When Snooki and Sammi get home, Snooki tries to get into bed with Vinny. Ronnie stops her and breaks the news that Vinny has a girl in his room. This is too much for Snooki to take in her drunken state, and she ends up freaking out and crying all night.

Later that night everyone talks about Snooki “catching feelings” for Vinny, and makes Vinny feel pretty bad about hurting Snooks. He doesn’t think he did anything wrong since it was only 2 nights ago that Snooki brought home another dude, Jionni. He tries to console Snooki but she won’t have it.

The next morning the gang goes bowling, without Snooki – she is still too upset about last night (and hungover) to join in the fun. On the way to the bowling alley, we learn that Deena is an atrocious driver, which is somehow unsurprising.

When they get home from bowling, J-Woww talks to Snooki about how she reacted to Vinny bringing home a girl last night. Jenni wisely points out that Vinny is like Snooki’s fall-back guy. Not really sure if Snooki gains anything from this conversation, but she says she thinks she might “like-like” Vinny. She goes back to bed. The girls talk about Snooki and her neediness, and how she tries to turn any guy into a potential boyfriend. Vinny tries again to talk to Snooki but she’s not interested in making nice. This is all a lot of silly drama, because it’s pretty clear Snooki doesn’t actually want to be with Vinny, she just wants to be with someone.

Meanwhile, we find out the toilet situation has still not been resolved. It is backed up and now stinks. I kind of can’t believe that a bunch of adults still haven’t taken care of this problem. Vinny has at least tried to fix the problem for the last couple of episodes, but his attempts have been futile. Jenny calls the landlord, Danny, and even he seems surprised that they haven’t taken care of it by now. He tells them he’ll send a plumber in the morning since it’s Sunday night and no plumber will come out till Monday.

In the morning, the plumbers arrive. It turns out a pair of men’s underwear was clogging up the toilet. Um… Yeah. The roommates argue over whose it was. But really, does it matter? That’s just disturbing.

The prank war is still going on. To get back at Mike for sending Snooki and Deena to Manhattan the previous episode, Snooki, Sam and Ron decide to make his bed into a “cheese bed” by lifting his mattress and hiding all sorts of cheese under it. They do this while the rest of the crew is out at the club. Mike ends up bringing a girl home. The next day the roommates are talking on the deck, and Mike talks about how the girl he brought home smelled like cheese. Team Snooki +1.

The talk of this girl smelling like cheese naturally leads into a conversation about STDs. Mike shows some unbelievable ignorance in this area by insisting he can’t catch anything from oral sex. Jenni proves him wrong by calling a doctor. This should serve as a warning for any girls in future seasons of the Jersey Shore – make sure the Situation uses a condom.

The episode closes when Vinny and Snooki finally make up as she’s getting ready to go out. She apologizes for being stupid. Vinny tells her he doesn’t want to see her cry.

Overall a decent episode. It was good to see Sam come back and have everything be calm between her and Ron, even if we know it won’t last. I think there was too much focus on the nasty bathroom. And, we need more laughable sound bites like “Moby Dick” from Snooki. My rating: 3/5


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