Jersey Shore – Season 6 Episode 10 Recrap

I’m going at it tonight with no espresso. But Cassie made freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, so maybe the sugar and chocolate will hold me over though this thing…maybe…

There are only two more episodes. That’s after this one. We’re almost there.

Deena and Snooki are talking about how Gianni isn’t coming around often because he’s playing softball. Snooki understands and says it’s his hobby. Deena tells her she should put her foot down and tell him that she and the baby are his hobby now. Snooki calls Gianni, and he tries to rush her off because he has a game to go to. She tries to guilt him into staying on the phone, and he’s not buying it.

Ron, a gorilla, puts on a gorilla costume and scares Jen awake.

Everyone except Snooki and Deena go to dinner at a place called Jimbo’s. At this dinner, they talk about how Snooki doesn’t smile unless Gianni is around. Ron seems to agree that the softball thing is a weak way to get out of baby daddy duties.

At the Snooki/Deena dinner, absolutely nothing important happens.

Hey, it’s a commercial right now. Did you guys hear the thing about the guy who does the thing where he dresses like people with the same name as him and friend requests them on facebook? Yeah, that’s pretty good!

The bulk crew pop in at Karma. Why not? Paula’s there, and Mike runs right over to her. Once they adjourn, Paula goes over to Jen and Sam and explains that she wanted to make it work with Mike. They don’t seem to care.

MVP are grinding and flirting with every girl in the club, and they keep showing a very jealous Paula. They also keep showing a go-go dancer who is really terrible. Jen decides that she’s going to show the go-go dancer up, and she starts dancing like Fonzie in the Weezer “Buddy Holly” video. You think I’m joking, but I am not.

Mike’s about to land a girl, and Paula jumps right in and blocks it. MVP head home; they make the joke that “MVP strikes out.”

Snooki and Gianni are about to go to the baby store that is closing, and everyone is getting pissed because they bought pretty much everything the store had. I don’t know how that’s possible; that store was jam packed with junk. Sam catches Gianni before he walks in and explains the situation to him. His plan is to take her to dinner instead of baby shopping. It doesn’t work so well, and Snooki feels like crap because she thinks nobody else wanted to go with her.

Deena and Sam are looking at all of the presents they got for Snooki, and Snooki shows up at the house. This surprise is so close to getting ruined. (pronounced “Rooned”.). Oh no wait. They’re able to hide everything in time.

At dinner, Gianni points out that Snooki looks depressed. She tells him it’s because he’s never around, and he explains that he has a softball game the next day. Way too much emphasis on this softball stuff…

After dinner, they go home for a little “make-up sex.”

Meanwhile, everyone else is heading out to a new club called “Merge.” This place is crazy! People are break dancing, and Jen is getting upset that people are outdoing her. She starts dancing like Fonzie in the Weezer “Buddy Holly” video again, and she actually splits her pants down the crotch. You think I’m joking, but I’m not.

Jen spots Angelina in the club and starts making dry heave faces. You’ll remember that Angelina was one of the original “cast” members; she argued with everyone in the first two seasons, and everyone hates her. Angelina was my favorite thing about the show, so I’m pumped to see how this turns out.

Angelina goes up to Mike and apologizes to him for anything she’s ever done to him. She used to slap this kid silly. She tries to hug him during the apology, and he isn’t having it. She then goes up to Vinny and Pauly. Vinny tells her he doesn’t care that she’s sorry. She just keeps lingering.

Everyone except MVP go home. Ron, a gorilla, dresses like a gorilla and sneaks up on Roger, who is naked in bed with Jen. It was a little funny, I guess.

Back at the club, Angelina is still lingering around MVP, and they decide that her energy is screwing everything up, so they head home. On the way back, Pauly and Mike stop at a place, Steaks, for cheese steak sandwiches; what a name! Vinny bumps into two “hot chicks” on his way home, and they basically proposition him into a threesome. The only thing is that, when he gets home, there’s nowhere for him to go.Jen and Roger are in the Smoosh room, so Vinny has to take these two girls into his bed while Pauly and Mike watch creepily.  The other only thing is that he’s supposedly being celebate because he has a girlfriend back home. Yeah. We’ll see.

By the way, I’ve been obsessed with getting this new hip hop album by a group called Three Loco. Don’t judge. Listen to the previews in iTunes. It sounds AWESOME!


One of the girls that was in on this threesome peaces out. Vinny does what he wants to do with the one who stays, and I guess that’s a victory?

The next morning, the girls are getting ready for Snooki’s baby shower and Jen feels like crap from partying too hard the night prior. They go and set up at the restaurant, and it looks ridiculous.

This is a guy and girl shower, and the guys talk about how it’ll probably be awkward. Um. They’re at the Jersey Shore…

Everybody does their part to make it be a surprise for Snooki when she walks into the restaurant, Rivoli’s, and she looks genuinely surprised when she gets there.

Everyone seems to be having a good time. Except the guys. Not because they’re guys at a baby shower. Because there’s unfinished business between Gianni and Vinny as pertains to Snooki. Vinny decides to be the man and talk to Gianni to clear the air. The episode ends with Vinny pulling Gianni outside. CLIFFHANGER!!!


Episode rating – 3/5 (explanation: base episode rating = 2. Add 1 point for Angelina appearing for more than 30 seconds)


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