Jersey Shore – Season 5 Episode 10 Recrap

I have allergies or I’m sick; I don’t know. I drank water; it didn’t help.

We start out with Mike talking to Gianni. Mike tells him that he hooked up with Snooki, and Gianni shakes his hand. Mike thinks it’s weird that he just told Gianni his girl cheated on him with Mike. It gets better. Gianni goes right upstairs and spoons Snooki and is laughing over the whole thing.

Mike tells Ronnie about how Gianni reacted. Ronnie isn’t surprised. They bring Sam over and tell her, and she doesn’t think they’ve talked about it yet.

Snooki starts up with Mike. She’s making a bigger deal about it than Gianni. She definitely did it. She starts throwing stuff at Mike.

Mike tells Vinny and Pauly about Gianni’s reaction. These guys think Gianni is a wimp. Pauly thinks their relationship is a joke and that Gianni is hooking up with girls all the time the same way Snooki is. Ohh well. I’ll take Ron and Sam fist fights over this wannabe fabricated drama any day. ZZZZZZ

Snooki suggests that the crew all go camping. Instead of talking about it, they just start throwing stuff around. Mike picks up a tub of what looks like potato salad and starts throwing handfuls of that. He runs away, and Snooki takes the potato salad and chases him, winging it at him. He hits her with a whole bunch of ketchup. Soup and puree. This keeps going for way too long. She gets a gallon of milk, looks like 1%. She wings the whole gallon at him and runs inside and rubs her dirty self all over Mike’s bed. She looks so damn stupid. Mike gets pissed and they end up downstairs and somehow she has a wiffle bat; they’re tiffing over Mike’s story.

It’s the last day at work, and, rather than work, they’re making a list of things they “need” to go camping. Of course, the things they need are not actually necessities. Mike, Vinny, and Pauly go GTL.

Deena calls her guy friend, Joey, to see if he wants to hang out. He agrees. Snooki thinks he’s using Deena for sex. Vinny and Pauly intervene. They don’t like the kid either. They’re poking at her in a playful way. He thinks she should fake her feminine trouble to get this kid to beat it. The kid Joey calls up from outside and asks for Deena to come out. Pauly deals with it and says that she’s sick. The dude complains that he drove all the way out there. The kid calls back, and Jen deals with him. Jen tells him that Deena’s already onto the next one.

They all get ready and go out to a place called Jimbo’s. Deena wants Snooki to come, but she’s preoccupied with Gianni.

Mike meets a girl who’s trying to do revenge sex; he’s ready to go.

Deena expresses her frustration with Snooki not hanging out any more. The memorable “one meatball stands alone” speech. Did I mention I don’t make this stuff up?

The guys all bring girls home from the club. Vinny keeps saying he chose to hang with a thick girl; she looks average. These people are nuts.

They all prepare for the dumb camping trip. Snooki is wearing a camouflage hat like Stone Cold Steve Austin. It looks like Vinny and Pauly skip the camping trip. In fact, they’re plotting “the biggest prank they’re gonna pull in their life.” They enlist Danny and some additional troops to pull this one off.

The campers hit up a shop and buy some things like portable toilets and tents.

The prank the guys are working on is to make the inside look like the outside and the inside look like the outside. They even get a baby pool to make believe it’s the jacuzzi. They have a lot of stuff to move around. Yeah…this is worth it. They’re even laying out astroturf inside.

The camping trip is super lame. All the kids can do is talk. They’re all trying to convince Deena her dude sucks. Deena bitches that the girls have boyfriends and she doesn’t. They pack up the next day, and that’s really the extent of it.

Episode rating – 1.5/5…almost done.


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