derryX takes over Jersey Shore Season 4 – Reunion

I really don’t expect to have much to say here, but let’s see.

Everybody is there in strange red chairs, and it looks like they turned the color temperature on my TV to “Warm.” These kids are so orange!

They run a segment of the kids “not acting like themselves.” Not for nothing, these are some odd kids. They act weird. Everything they do is not normal. The segment they show is just them being them.

They talk about how it was hard to hook up in Italy. The guys say the girls in Italy have morals. Haha.

Deena looks like Tina Turner’s armpit.

Mike and Snooki get into a fight, and Mike goes right for the thing that Snooki is lying about. It’s ridiculous. The guys all believe Mike about that story. I am sure something happened. Who cares? One whole segment on this crap.

They talk about Deena’s search for love in Italy. They talk about all of her flops. One whole segment on this crap.

Snooki and Deena get up there and talk in a really stupid “Team Meatballs” voice. Cue the “Meatball Problems” video piece.

Vinny and Pauly get up there and talk about their bromance. Cue the dumb bromance video piece. This shit had to be scripted all along.  They do their Louie + Tony characters. It’s kinda dumb but I guess a little funny.

They show a segment about how Ronnie jacks Pauly’s swagger. He’s a swacker. Pauly gets Ronnie a shirt that says “Swagger Jacker.” Cool.

They get Sam and Mike to come down and talk to Ronnie. Cue a whole segment on Mike’s anger and depression, starting with him running his head into the wall. Hahahaha! Mike and Ron establish that they’re cool with each other.

They show some never before seen stuff. It’s not that great. They all express their disdain for Italy and that they can’t wait to get back to Jersey. Thing they missed most about Seaside: tanning. Alright…

They say going to Italy made them better friends.

We’ll see…

Overall season rating (Average) – 3.3 (I guess it was alright)


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