derryX takes over Jersey Shore Season 4 – Ep 2

Remember, the kids are in Italy!!!!! And it’s finally presented in HD on MTV HD! Yessssssss

We pick up in the club exactly where we left off, with Paulie and Deena treating each other like love toys. The phrase “this is the best day of my lieeeeeeeefe” seems to be a phrase that Paulie coined. Snooki tries to talk Paulie into sleeping with Deena. I have a feeling she really doesn’t have to. Snooki and Jenni have a heart-to-heart about this, and they pull Deena in. Deena says that if they sleep together, it’s no strings attached.

Ohh cool, Deena is playing with the same Pinocchio marionette I have! Awesome!

Ronnie calls some girl who he seems to be hot for. She agrees to go to Italy.

They go walking in Florence. They find a grocery store, and they can’t figure out what to buy. Ohh wait, yea they can. Sammi offers to cook Sunday Dinner with Deena. Sammi is a disaster; she doesn’t even know what strawberries are. It looks like chicken cutlets are on the menu. The girls stop cooking and go out for a walk, and the guys get pissed that there’s no food while the girls are eating at a cafe. The guys start cooking, and the girls get pissed about this when they get home. They’re even in my book. All this time, mind you, Snooki was sleeping.

Snooki talks to her boyfriend who gets mad that she went the whole day without calling him. He is legit pissed, and Mike quickly swoops in to console her. This guy is obsessed; he’s laying it on thick.

Some guy Marco calls Vinny and tells him that they work for him in his pizzeria. Seems like it was a surprise to the kids. They get lost looking for the pizzeria, and Sammi thinks they’re at the Vatican.

Hold the phone: they’re making pizza at a Napolitana Pizzeria in Florence…yeah…

The guy shows them how to make pizza. Snooki asks for pepperoni; the guy is confused because that kinda means sweet peppers in Italian. He finally figures out she wants meat. Jenni says Snooki likes brasciolle, which I laughed about for like 3 minutes.

Jenni wants coffee and finds a Moka pot. She has whole beans and starts grinding them with a garlic smasher. She ends up making a decent looking cup of coffee, burns her mouth on it, and never wants coffee again. I can’t make this stuff up.

Time to go to the club.

Mike meets a girl he thinks is cute, but everyone else doesn’t agree. She looks ok.

Ronnie is getting HAMMERED. He gives Sam an attitude and tells Vinny about how he hooked up with four girls in three days. Sammi starts crying, and I can’t believe we’re going back there again. Ohh wait, yeah I can.

Deena is having some trouble getting back. ANNNNNNNND Mike brought the girl home. Snooki thinks she is way prettier than that girl, and Vinny calls her out on being jealous and liking Mike. Mike hooks up with the girl really quick, and he calls her a cab. He’s such a class act.

Mike and Snooki bond, and he tells her she’s not just someone to take home. Yeah…yeah…

Vinny and Ronnie use the jaccuzi. Vinny calls it “zuppa di muscles.” Nice

They all have breakfast on a roof somewhere. The topic is awkward when Deena accuses Mike of trying to cuddle with her. He totally did but wants to deny it. I really don’t understand what’s going on here.

Time to go to the club again!

In the club, Sam approaches Ron. They’re both drunk, and it’s getting pretty intense.

Mike calls that ugly girl, Brittney. She’s on her way over.

Sam keeps telling Ronnie that she misses him and that she loves him. He just walks away and the episode ends.

The preview looks kinda weak, but whatever.

Episode rating – 3.5/5


3 thoughts on “derryX takes over Jersey Shore Season 4 – Ep 2

  • Dino

    All I’m gonna say is I’m glad you’re enjoying it in HD. It took us 4 seasons of yelling at the production company before this happened. Letterbox in 2011? Completely pointless.

  • Audrey

    I’m glad I can get all the ridiculousness by reading this and not wasting an hour watching. Thanks for keeping me in the loop and sheilding me from losing brain cells. 🙂


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